Smartest Non Shedding Dogs

Smartest Non Shedding Dogs

So, you’re looking for a list of the smartest non shedding dogs. Well, you’re in luck since there are plenty of intelligent dog breeds that don’t shed! These dogs also tend to be hypoallergenic, which can be a big help for allergy sufferers.

The following list of the smartest nonshedding dog breeds should help you find a dog that will be a great low maintenance companion.

Susceptibility to shedding is primarily genetic and it tends to be pretty consistent within a breed. However, dogs are individuals and some dogs of the same breed will be smarter than others.

Also, it’s important that a dog has adequate nutrition for brain development and skin and hair health. You can learn more about the best Omega-3 supplements that control shedding by clicking the link.

Smartest Non Shedding Dogs




Poodle - Smartest Non Shedding Dogs

Poodles are very intelligent dogs that have a non-shedding coat that makes them a great pet for people with allergies. They are the second smartest dog breed, and they are extremely easy to train, and poodles excel at obedience tasks, agility courses, and scent tracking.

Poodles do require grooming if you want to keep their hair from becoming tangled and matted. You can do this yourself with high-quality dog clippers (Buy Online). Or you can take them to a groomer every other month to keep them looking their best.

Poodles also love the water since they were originally bred by bird hunters to be an alert and highly energetic water-retriever. So, if you’re looking for the most intelligent nonshedding dog then you’ll be hard-pressed to beat the combination of a poodles innate intelligence and athletic prowess.




Papillon - Smartest Non Shedding Dogs

The Papillon is a small hypoallergenic dog that doesn’t shed, and they are also very intelligent. Papillons are one of the top ten smartest dogs, and they are eager to please their owners since they were bred to be loyal companions.

Even though papillons have long silky hair they are very easy to groom since they don’t have an undercoat. This lack of an undercoat makes them less susceptible to excessive seasonal shedding. Their thin silky hair is also very easy to brush, and their fine hair won’t easily become matted.



Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer- Smartest Non Shedding Dogs

The Miniature Schnauzer is a bright energetic dog with a medium length non-shedding coat. They are one of the top 20 smartest dogs in the world, and they are very inquisitive and eager to learn new skills to please their master.

Miniature Schnauzers also make great pets for apartments since they are relatively small, and they don’t have an exceptionally high energy level. They do have a very high prey drive though, so care should be taken around other small animals.

A Miniature Schnauzer will need to be brushed on a regular basis to keep their topcoat from becoming matted. It’s also a good idea to trim their hair with clippers in the summer to keep them from overheating in hot climates.



Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog is one of the most popular hypoallergenic dog breeds. They also don’t shed much, but they do require regular grooming. They are also very smart dogs that excel at a wide range of physical and mental challenges.

The Portuguese Water Dog was originally bred by fishermen to be superior swimmers so they could drive fish into nets. So, needless to say, they love water and it can be hard to keep them from playing around and jumping into any size body of water. This is something you might want to consider especially if you have a pool in your backyard.

Portuguese Water Dogs also have boundless energy, which means they won’t do well in an apartment. They do best in households with active families that can keep them both mentally and physically active.



Irish Water Spaniel

Irish Water Spaniel
Credit – Pleple2000 CC BY-SA 3.0

The Irish Water Spaniel is a medium-sized dog that has a sharp mind and a hypoallergenic long curly coat that’s nonshedding. In addition, the Irish Water Spaniel isn’t short on intelligence since they are one of the top 25 smartest dogs in the world.

The Irish Water Spaniel was bred to be a water-retriever and they love dock diving and any kind of activity that involves water. They also will do just fine on dry land as long as you stimulate their retriever instincts with games that incorporate agility training, fetching, and tracking.

It’s also relatively easy to groom and Irish Water Spaniel since they only need to be brushed weekly. If you want to keep their hair shorter you can either trim them yourself, or you can take them to the groomer every other month.



American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier- Smartest Non Shedding Dogs

The American Staffordshire Terrier is a powerful dog that has a short coat and a good-natured disposition. They are also ranked as the 34th smartest dog, and they are loyal obedient dogs that have a strong sense of self-confidence.

The Staffie is one of the most intelligent bull terriers and they are always eager to please their master. They do have lots of energy, so you need to make sure that you can keep them physically and mentally active.

If a Staffie gets bored they can exhibit destructive behaviors. That’s why it’s always a good idea to give a Staffie an indestructible chew toy to keep them happy and active.

The American Staffordshire Terriers coat is very easy to maintain with minimal effort. They also don’t shed much, and you won’t have to brush them that often. In addition, they don’t have any special grooming needs so they won’t ever need to be taken to a groomer.



Australian Terrier

Australian Terrier- Smartest Non Shedding Dogs

The Australian Terrier is a small hypoallergenic dog that makes a great little companion, and they are very alert and intelligent. They are one of the top 40 smartest dogs in the world, and they can learn new skills quickly with minimal training.

The Australian Terrier has a double coat that protects them from harsh weather, and their coat actually has water repellent properties. However, baths can dry out their hair making it less water repellent, so it’s best to keep bathing to a minimum. All they really need in the grooming department is a quick brushing once a week to keep their hair from becoming matted.



Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hound- Smartest Non Shedding Dogs

The Pharaoh Hound is a unique dog breed that has a keen mind and a short non-shedding coat. They were originally bred 3,000 years ago to chase small prey animals, and they are very inquisitive and independent.

Pharaoh Hounds don’t require much grooming since they have very short hair that isn’t prone to shedding. However, their upright ears will require regular cleaning with specially formulated dog ear cleaner.

The Pharaoh Hound is very smart and easy to train, but they do have a will of their own. This can cause problems when they are off-leash since they tend to like to run off and explore their environment. That’s why it’s important to keep them on a lead at all times, and you’ll need to have a securely fenced-in yard if you plan on owning a Pharaoh Hound.



Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier

The Bedlington Terrier is an alert dog with a curly non-shedding hypoallergenic coat. They are the 40th smartest dog breed, and they have a calm easy disposition. They are also very loyal and protective of their family members.

The Bedlington Terrier has a soft curly non-shedding topcoat that’s very easy to manage. They only need to be brushed once or twice a week. You can also clip their hair and keep it short if you want to make it easier to manage.

Bedlington Terriers have a good amount of energy, and they aren’t overly rambunctious or challenging to manage. They are quick to learn, but they can be a little stubborn if they become bored and disinterested. Bedlington Terriers don’t do well with harsh training methods, but they do respond well to positive reinforcement like praise and treats




Pointer- Smartest Non Shedding Dogs

The Pointer is a highly intelligent hunting dog that has a short non-shedding coat that’s very easy to maintain. They are ranked as the 43rd smartest dog breed, and they are well known for their sporting prowess.

The Pointer was originally bred by nobles and aristocrats to point out and fetch game birds. That means they had to have a keen mind and highly tuned senses to detect birds that are usually highly camouflaged in their surroundings. These characteristics make pointers very easy to train, and they are always looking to please their owner.

They also require very minimal maintenance since they have a dense short coat that isn’t prone to shedding. If they do get some leaves or debris in their hair it’s very easy to brush out, and they only need to be bathed infrequently.




Saluki- Smartest Non Shedding Dogs

The Saluki is a slim dog that was bred for speed and agility to help them hunt small prey animals. They are one of the top 50 smartest dogs, and they are extremely eager to follow commands and show off their athletic prowess.

The Saluki has short hair on most of their body that’s very easy to maintain and manage. They mostly have long hair on their ears and neck as well as their underside for protection. The long hair also won’t shed much, but it will require weekly brushing. You just need to be careful when you brush them since their long hair tends to be in sensitive areas.



German Wirehaired Pointer

German Wirehaired Pointer- Smartest Non Shedding Dogs

The German Wirehaired is an intelligent gun dog that has a medium length wiry coat that isn’t prone to shedding. They are ranked as the 44th smartest dog, and they are and affectionate an alert pet that makes a great family companion.

German Wirehaired Pointers are very active dogs that need plenty of exercise, so they don’t make good pets for apartment dwellers. They also need lots of mental stimulation to keep them from becoming bored or destructive. However, if you have the time and space for a German Wirehaired Pointers they make great pets for active families.



American Foxhound

American Foxhound - Smartest Non Shedding Dogs
Desaix83 CC BY 3.0

The American Foxhound is a reliable hunting dog that’s been part of the American landscape since the time of the Revolutionary War. They are ranked as the 46th smartest dog breed, and they have an undying prey drive and quick-witted intelligence.

The American Foxhounds short hair is very easy to maintain and it will only need occasional brushing. They also won’t need to be bathed often unless they get very messy.

The American Foxhound is primarily a scent hound so they learn best with treats and scent-based training. They also will chase small animals with gusto, so you need to be careful since they can run off without warning.

The American Foxhound does have a unique melodious bark that was bred into them so they were easy to follow on the hunt. In some cases, their bark can be a little loud and off-putting for some people.



Welsh Terrier

Welsh Terrier - Shleiderbmx CC BY 3.0

The Welsh Terrier is a small long-legged curly-haired dog that was bred to hunt otters and badgers. They are ranked as the 53rd smartest dog breed, and they have a strong will and quick-witted intelligence.

Their medium-length curly hair is non shedding and it’s relatively easy to maintain. You can keep their hair long during the cold months to ensure they stay warm in the winter. Then if you want you can trim their hair in the early summer to keep them comfortable in hot weather.



Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier - Smartest Non Shedding Dogs

The Boston Terrier is a compact sporty dog with a short coat and a calm easy-going demeanor. They are one of the top 60 smartest dogs, and they are very people-oriented pets that love being with their family.

Their short coat will shed a little but it’s very easy to keep any shedding to a minimum with limited brushing. They also won’t need to be bathed frequently unless they get very dirty. However, they will need regular ear cleaning since they have upright ears that can trap dirt and debris.



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