Fluval FX6 vs G6

Fluval FX6 vs G6

Deciding on whether to get the Fluval FX6 vs G6 depends on a number of factors. Both of these filters are rated for aquariums that are larger than 100-gallons.

The Fluval FX6 has a larger filter capacity and a higher flow rate, which makes it suitable for fish tanks up to 400 gallons.

The Fluval G6, on the other hand, is better for slightly smaller aquariums that are under 160 gallons.

The G6 does have the added benefit of built-in electronics that let you control the filters pump speed and flow rate. It also has sensors that will recognize flow restrictions, and it can even alert you to perform regular filter maintenance. The sensors in the G6 are also able to track key aquarium water parameters like temperature and conductivity.

In the following article, we’ll compare the Fluval FX6 vs G6 in more detail, or you can view the chart below to quickly compare each filter’s features.

Fluval FX6Fluval G6

15.75″ x 15.75″ x 20.8″

(40 x 40 x 53 cm)

10” L x 9” W x 13” H

(25 x 25 x 32 cm)

Aquarium Capacity

400 US Gallons

(1,500 L)

160 US Gallons

(600 L)

Pump Output

925 US Gal/h

(3,500 l/h)

665 US Gal/h

(2,510 l/h)

Filtration Volume

5.28 US Gallons

(20 L)

2.3 US Gallons

(8.7 L)

Biological Volume

1.5 US Gallons

(5.9 L)

1.05 US Gallons

(4.0 L)

Mechanical Area

325.5 in²

(2,100 cm²)

152 in²

(980 cm²)

Filter Circulation

563 US Gal/h

(2,130 L/h)

265 US Gal/h

(1,000 L/h)

Head Height

10.8 ft

(3.3 m)

7.5 ft

(2.1 m)

43 W27 W



Fluval FX6 vs G6 – Features


Fluval FX6 – Features

Fluval FX6

Key Features

  • Pump is rated to move 925 gallons (3,500 L) of water per hour

  • Electronic Control System Monitors Pump Performance At All Times

  • Self Starting Smart Pump removes trapped air bubbles and purges itself twice a day.

  • Fast Water Changes without a bucket. Using the Optional Hose Kit And The Power of The Built-in Smart Pump

  • Stackable Media Baskets are Removeable With A Tight Fit To Minimize Bypass

  • The Fluval FX6 holds a Total of 1.5 gallons (5.9 L) of Filter Media


Additional Features

  • Mechanical, chemical and biological filter media included

  • 45-Degree Adjustable Valve Position

  • Compact 21″ Height – Fits Most Aquarium Cabinets

  • Strainer with Anti-Clog Design

  • Rubber Feet That Reduce Vibrations

  • Leak-proof Click-Fit attachments, and Aqua-Stop Valves

  • Output Nozzles Allow for Omnidirectional Flow

  • Easy Maintenance with Purge Valve and Drain Hose to Quickly Empty the Filter

  • Made for Use in Freshwater & Saltwater


Fluval G6

Fluval G6

Key Features

  • Pump is rated to move 650 gallons (2,500 L) of water per hour

  • HydroTech, ™ Monitoring System Tracks Pump Performance in Real-Time

  • Self-Priming Pump With a simple Push Button Start

  • Lever Lock Lid Ensures a Water Tight Seal

  • Fiberglass Polymer Filter Casing Can Hanle Pressures of 15 PSI

  • Fluval G6 holds a Total of 2.3 gallons (8.7 L) of Filter Media


Additional Features

  • Control Panel with Backlit LCD Display

  • Digital Control of Flow Rate

  • Tracks Water Temperature & Conductivity

  • Anti-Clog Intake Stem & Strainer

  • Removable Aqua-Stop Valves

  • Can Be Used With Output Nozzles or Spray Bars

  • Replaceable Filter Cartridges (Mechanical, Biological, Phosphate, Nitrate, Tri-EX)

  • Saltwater & Freshwater



Fluval FX6 vs G6 – Design

Both of the filters are well-engineered, and they are built from durable materials that will stand the test of time. However, the Fluval G6 wins in the looks department since it has a very polished appliance-like design. The Fluval FX6 would do best hidden away in a filter cabinet, while the Fluval G6 could easily sit out on full display thanks to its attractive lines.


Fluval FX6 – Design

The Fluval FX6 (Buy Online) is a more utilitarian filter that reflects the standard Fluval canister filter design. It has a large cylindrical filter media compartment along with a lid that is tightly sealed and secured using 8 plastic hand screw fasteners.

The Fluval FX6 has two adjustable inlet and outlet ports integrated onto the lid along with two clips to keep the water hoses neatly organized. There is also a drain port on the bottom of the filter that makes it easy to do water changes or it can be used to empty the filter during regular maintenance.

Fluval G6 – Design

The Fluval G6 (Buy Online) is one of the most ascetically pleasing canister filters on the market. It has a smart square shape that allows it to fit in smaller aquarium cabinets or any other tight confines. It also has a dual-lever sealed lid that’s much easier to open and close than the Fluval FX6 lid.

The Fluval G6 also has a digital filter control panel integrated into its lid, with a built-in backlit LCD screen that displays a wide range of pump performance metrics and water parameters.

The centrally located control panel also makes it easy to adjust your filter settings using the 4 waterproof buttons located on either side of the LCD screen.

Design – Winner

When it comes to looks the Fluval G6 wins hands down. While the FX6 still has a number of key advantages over the G6 it just pales in comparison when it comes to industrial design.



Fluval FX6 vs G6 – Size


Fluval FX6 – SIze

The Fluval FX6 is a very large canister filter that measures 15.75” L x 15.75” W x 20.8” H (40 x 40 x 53 cm). Despite its size, the Fluval FX6 is a little lighter than the Fluval G6 since it only weighs 19.9 pounds (9.03 kg).

Fluval G6 – Size

The Fluval G6 is a more compact canister filter that measures in at 10” L x 9” W x 13” H (25 x 25 x 32 cm). The robust construction and added electronic control systems do add to the overall weight of the Fluval G6 which is 22.4 pounds (10.16 kg).

Size Winner

If you want a compact unit that can fit into tight spaces then the Fluval G6 is your best option. The square shape of the filter also reduces the wasted space that cylindrical filters tend to have around their sides.

If you aren’t limited by space then the Fluval FX6 packs a lot of power into a relatively compact form factor. The Fluval FX6 still easily fits in most large aquarium cabinets since it has a low profile design.

In the competition between the Fluval FX6 vs G6, the FX6 still takes the win given its power output relative to its size.



Fluval FX6 vs G6 – Filter Volume/Area

Fluval FX6 – Volume/Area

The Fluval FX 6 has a total filter volume of 5.28 gallons (20 L) and it has a total biological filter volume of 1.5 gallons (5.9 L). In addition, the included mechanical filter foam has a total surface area of 325.5 sq in (2,100 sq cm).

Fluval G6 – Volume/Area

The Fluval G6 has a 2.3 gallon (8.7 L) total internal filter volume, and it has a 1.05 gallon (4.0 L) biological filter volume. Also, the included mechanical filter cartridge in the Fluval G6 has a surface area of 152 sq in (980 sq cm).

Filter Volume/Area Winner

The Fluval FX6 wins hands down when it comes to overall filter volume and mechanical filtration surface area. So, if you have a monster tank then the Fluval FX6 is your best option. Otherwise, the Fluval G6 filter is still quite large for a filter that’s made for aquariums that are smaller than 160 gallons.



Fluval FX6 vs G6 – Capacity/ Flow Rate

What Lovebirds Eat and Drink - Water

Fluval FX6 – Capacity/Flow Rate

The Fluval FX6 can be used on fish tanks that hold as much as 400 gallons (1,500 L), and it has a very powerful pump that has an overall flow rate of 925 gallons per hour (3,500 L/H). Also, the pump in the Fluval FX6 has a maximum head height of 10.8 feet (3.3 meters).

Fluval G6 – Capacity/Flow Rate

The Fluval G6 is made for use on aquariums that are as large as 160 gallons (600 L), and the pump in the Fluval G6 is rated at 655 gallons per hour (2,510 L/H). The maximum head height of the pump in the Fluval G6 pump is 7.5 ft (230 cm).

Winner – Flow Rate

The Fluval FX6 is the clear winner when it comes to capacity and pumping power since it can handle tanks as large as 400 gallons (1,500 L).

However, if you have a “smaller” 160-gallon tank then the Fluval G6 flow rate is more than adequate for a tank of that size.



Fluval FX6 vs G6 – Power Consumption

Fluval FX6 – Power Usage

The Fluval FX6 will use 43 watts of power on a 120-volt 60 Hz power line. Alternatively, it will only draw 41-watts on a 240-volt 50 Hz electrical system.

Fluval G6 – Power Usage

The Fluval G6 draws 27-watts of power on a 120-volt 60 Hz power grid like the one in America. On European style 240-volt 50 Hz power system it will draw a total of 28-watts.


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