Do Parakeets Like Mirrors

Do Parakeets Like Mirrors

Do Parakeets Like Mirrors? Yes, Parakeets like mirrors. Like most birds, Parakeets are enamored with looking at their reflection, and they naturally are drawn to shiny eye-catching objects in their cage.

Adding a bird mirror to a Parakeet’s cage along with some fun parakeet toys can also reduce a parakeets’ stress level, and a bird mirror will also keep a Parakeet entertained if you have a single bird that is kept alone in their cage.

However, there are some drawbacks to adding a bird mirror to a Parakeet’s cage that you can learn more about if you scroll further down this page.

If you’re looking for the best mirror for a birdcage here are some of our favorite mirrors for a Parakeet cage.


Best Bird Cage Mirror for Parakeets

dcDalton Birdcage Mirror 5 Inch Glass with Beveled Edge Octagon Shape
Hypeety Bird Parrot Mirror Toy with Perch
Colorday Large Stainless Steel Bird Mirror with Rope Perch
WYunPets Interactive Bird Mirror Toy
BWOGUE 7 Inch Bird Mirror with Rope Perch
JW Pet Company Activitoy Double Axis Small Bird Toy



Best Bird Cage Mirror for Parakeets



Colorday Large Stainless Steel Bird Mirror with Rope Perch

The Colorday Large Stainless Steel Bird Mirror (Buy Online) is made of thick stainless steel with a durable integrated metal hook to hang the mirror. This mirror will provide your parakeet with hours of entertainment and exercise as it watches its reflection on the mirrored surface. And with an attached rope perch that is easy to replace, you can change up the look or feel of the mirror anytime or switch out the rope when it starts to fray.



Hypeety Bird Parrot Mirror Toy with Perch for Parrot Parakeet Budgies Parakeet

One of the best birdcage mirrors for parakeets is this Hypeety Mirror Toy with Perch (Buy Online). The toy features a natural wood finish and vivid colors, which adds to its attractiveness as well as provides your parakeet with mental and physical stimulation. It can also be used in place of a perch or provide climbing opportunities for your parakeet when multiple mirrors are mounted at different levels in their cage.



dcDalton Birdcage Mirror 5 Inch Glass with Beveled Edge Octagon Shape

The dcDalton Birdcage Mirror (Buy Online) is a great addition to your bird’s home. The mirror provides hours of entertainment for your pet and can help keep them mentally engaged when you’re away. The beveled edge and octagon shape are also a nice touch that makes this mirror stand out from the competition. And if you’re looking for an interesting way to keep your bird happy and their cage looking great, consider picking up a dcDalton Octagon Birdcage Mirror today.



WYunPets Interactive Bird Mirror Toys Bird Mirror

The WYunPets Interactive Bird Mirror Toys Bird Mirror for Parakeets (Buy Online) promotes movement, exercise, mental health, and it can help some birds’ get over their fear or aggression towards mirrors. Plus, the mirror stand is made from wood and it has a ring toss game built into it that’s sure to be a big hit with an inquisitive parakeet that likes to learn new things.



JW Pet Company Activitoy Double Axis Small Bird Mirror

The JW Pet Company Activitoy Double Axis Small Bird Mirror (Buy Online) is the best budget birdcage mirror for parakeets. This toy provides intellectual stimulation and will attract your birds to it while simultaneously stimulating them with its double-sided rotating, mirrored surface. It can be attached to both vertical and horizontal bars. Plus, this product isn’t just for parakeets – it’s perfect for cockatiels and other small-sized birds too.



Do Parakeets Like Mirrors

Most Parakeets will get a kick out of having a mirror in their cage since they perceive their own reflection as another bird that they can engage with endlessly. Parakeets also love shiny reflective objects, which makes a bird mirror one of the most mentally stimulating bird toys that you can add to a Parakeet’s cage.



Should I Leave a Mirror in My Parakeet’s Cage?

If you have a bird mirror in your Parakeet’s cage and you see your Parakeet casually having fun with the mirror then it’s fine to leave a mirror in your Parakeet’s cage. However, if your parakeet starts showing any signs of stress, aggression, or intense fixation on the mirror then it’s a good idea to remove the mirror from your Parakeets cage.



Adding a Mirror to a Parakeets Cage

If you’re thinking about adding a mirror to your Parakeet’s cage then you’ll want to test out how they react to the mirror before you mount it in their cage. If they show any signs of fear or aggression towards the mirror then you shouldn’t put a mirror in your Parakeets cage.

However, if you think your bird might be able to get used to the mirror you can try to slowly acclimate your Parakeet to the mirror. But in most cases, it’s not a good idea to stress your Parakeet out if they are having a strong negative reaction to mirrors.



Are Mirrors Bad for Birds

Bird mirrors have been known to cause behavioral problems with certain Parakeets. One major problem with bird mirrors is that some Parakeets can become very fixated on their own reflection, which can make it hard for them to bond with humans or other parakeets.


Male Parakeets might even confuse their reflection as a rival male trying to move in on their territory. This can lead to a male Parakeet lashing out aggressively every time they see themselves in a mirror in a futile attempt to scare a “rival” away.



Mirrors might even make it hard to get a pair of Parakeets to bond and mate. This problem can be hard for new parakeet owners to recognize especially if it’s the first time you’re trying to get your Parakeets to lay eggs.

In some cases, a male Parakeet will be so preoccupied with fending off the “rival” he sees in the mirror that he’ll have no energy or interest in mating. Alternatively, a female Parakeet might spend all day looking at her reflection, which can lead to her ignoring or rebuffing her potential mate.


Should I Remove the Mirror from My Parakeets Cage?

If you see that your Parakeet is showing signs of aggression or excessive fixation towards a mirror then you’ll want to take the mirror out of their cage immediately.

Once you remove the mirror you should monitor your Parakeet’s disposition to see if the mirror was at the root of the problem. If the mirror wasn’t the issue you could put it back, but it’s probably better to leave it out of their cage until you figure out what is causing their aberrant behavior.


Reflection Attachment

It can be a hard decision to remove a bird mirror from a Parakeet’s cage, especially if they have become excessively attached to their own reflection. However, in some cases, it might be your only option if you can’t handle them anymore, or if they are aggressive and try to attack you whenever you put your hand in their cage.

Just be aware that it will take some time for your Parakeet to adjust after you remove the mirror from its cage. However, you can help them deal with losing by giving them some fun parakeet toys to keep them entertained.

Also, if you want to start getting your parakeet used to you again after you remove a mirror from their cage you can give them some tasty Parakeet treats as a reward for good behavior.


Parakeet Pair Not Mating

Bird mirrors can be a big distraction when a male and female parakeet pair are trying to mate. For that reason, it’s a good idea to remove any mirrors from your Parakeets cage and cover any highly reflective objects until they have successfully mated.


Bird Mirrors Benefits and Drawbacks


Bird Mirror Toy Benefits

  • Entertainment
  • Stress Relief
  • Social Interaction
  • Mental Stimulation
  • Prevents Loneliness


Bird Mirror Drawbacks

  • Mirror Aggression
  • Reflection Attachment
  • Mirrors Can Make a Bird Noisier
  • Mirrors Can Disrupt Mating
  • Best Bird Cage Mirror
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