Do Parakeets Need a Nest to Sleep

Do Parakeets Need a Nest to Sleep

If you’re new to keeping pet parakeets you’ve probably asked yourself – Do parakeets need a nest to sleep?” This is a common question since most people outside of Australia have never seen a parakeet nest in the wild.

In this article, we’ll address parakeet nesting behavior, along with advice on how to make a parakeet nest, and how to choose the best parakeet nesting box or parakeet bed.


Do Parakeets Need A Nest To Sleep?

Do Parakeets Need A Nest To Sleep?

Yes, parakeets need a nest to sleep just like they do in the wild. Parakeets need a nest for a few main reasons: security, comfort, sleeping, and breeding. Caged parakeets should sleep in a nesting box or sleeping hut since they are closest to the hollowed-out trees that parakeets prefer in the wild.



Best Parakeet Nesting Box



YJJKJ Pet Wood Parakeet Budgie Cockatiel Breeding Nesting Bird Aviary Cage Box

YJJKJ Pet Wood Parakeet Nesting Box (Buy Online) is the perfect nesting box for a parakeet to get a comfortable night’s sleep. This nesting box is the right parakeet nesting box size for a single parakeet. If you want to learn more about this nesting box (Click Here) for more information



YJJKJ Pet Bird Wood Breeding Box Parakeet Budgie Cockatiel Breeding Nesting Bird Aviary Cage Box

YJJKJ Pet Bird Wood Breeding Box (Buy Online) is a large nesting box with plenty of space for two or more parakeets. This nesting box also has plenty of internal space for a mated pair to breed, and raise their chicks. This parakeet nesting box comes in a Medium Size that measures 5.9” x 5.9” x 8.7” (15 x 15x 22 cm), or the Large Size measures 7.5” x 7.5” x 10.6” (19 x 19 x 27 cm).



Best Parakeet Bed



QBEELV Soft Hanging Bird Nest

The QBEELV Soft Hanging Bird Nest (Buy Online) is a very warm comfortable bed for a pet parakeet. It’s made from flannel plush fabric, and it measures 6.7” 5.9” 4.3” (17 x 15 x 11 cm). It also comes with all the hardware and brackets you’ll need to hang it in any size budgie cage.



Wontee Bird Breeding Nest Bed Handmade Cotton Weave

The Wontee Bird Breeding Nest (Buy Online) is a very affordable parakeet bed that will fit into a small parakeet cage. This cozy parakeet nest is handmade from woven cotton and hemp rope, and its diameter is 5.19-inches (13.2cm).



SunGrow Seagrass Nest for Birds

The SunGrow Seagrass Nest for Birds (Buy Online) is a small birds nest that has a more natural look than most of the other parakeet beds on the market. This bird nest is made from seagrass and it measures 4-inches in diameter. It’s large enough for a single parakeet to sleep in, and it can be padded with Nesting Material (Buy Online) to make it more comfortable and inviting.



Best Parakeet Sleeping Hut



Keersi Bird Nest House Bed for Budgie Parakeet

Keersi Bird Nest House Bed for Budgies (Buy Online) is one of the best parakeet sleeping huts on the market. This soft sleeping hut measures 6.7” x 6.7” x 7.5” (17 x 17 x 19 cm). It’s also built to last since the exterior is made from durable canvas, and the interior is soft flannelette with walls supported by a thick sponge foam layer for added rigidity.



ZYP Winter Warm Bird Nest

ZYP Winter Warm Bird Nests (Buy Online) are small plush bird huts that are the perfect size for a single parakeet. Each parakeet hut measures 5.5” x 5.5” x 5.9”, and they weigh in at 4.48 ounces. These bird nests are also very easy to clean since they can be wiped down with soap and water.



Keersi Winter Warm Bird Nest House Bed Hanging Hammock

The Keersi Winter Warm Bird Nest House (Buy Online) is a large parakeet hut that can hold multiple parakeets. This bird hut measures 9.5” x 5.9” x 7.5” (24 x 15 x 18 cm) and it’s made from flannel fabric.



Hand-Woven Teardrop Shaped Eco-Friendly Bird Nest

Hand-Woven Eco-Friendly Bird Nests (Buy Online) are a very natural looking nest for parakeets. These nests are hand-woven from natural materials and each one is unique. This bird nest would work perfectly in a large flight cage or even an Outdoor Aviary (Learn More).



Niteangel 100% Natural Coconut Hideaway

The Niteangel Coconut Hideaway (Buy Online) is a small bird hut that’s made from a real hollowed-out coconut. This parakeet hut can be used as a place for a parakeet to sleep, or it even makes a great toy for a parakeet. The Niteangel Coconut Hideaway also comes with a small bird ladder along with mounting hardware.



How Do Parakeets Sleep in a Cage

Eyes Closed: If your parakeet’s eyes are closed then they are most likely sleeping, napping, or they are just starting to get sleepy.

Tucked Head: Most parakeets will tuck their head into their feathers when they sleep. They generally tuck their head into their neck, or they will push their beak into the feathers on their back

Leg Up: Many birds will sleep with one leg pulled up underneath their body. This helps prevent heat loss while a bird sleeps since their legs lack insulating feathers.



When Do Parakeets Sleep

When Do Parakeets Sleep

Parakeets like most birds are active during the day and they sleep at night. A parakeet’s natural sleep cycle is governed by their pineal gland which is sensitive to light. That’s why most people cover their parakeet’s cage to block out light that might keep a bird up all night.

Bird Cage Covers (Buy Online) also help keep a parakeet warm at night by reducing drafts, and a cover will also help muffle any sounds that might disturb a parakeet while they sleep.



How Long Do Parakeets Sleep

Parakeets need to get at least 9 to 12 hours of sleep each day to remain healthy and active.



How To Help a Parakeet Sleep

Darkness: Parakeets need darkness to get a good night’s sleep. A cage cover is a good way to block out excess light, or you can keep a parakeet in a room that stays relatively dark all night.

Temperature: Parakeets need to be kept in a room that stays between 70° to 80° F when they sleep.

Clean Cage: Keeping your parakeet’s cage clean can help a parakeet sleep since a dirty cage can cause a parakeet to become very restless.

Bed/Nest: A parakeet bed is a great way to give your bird a comfortable place to sleep



Do Parakeets Need a Bed Or Hut To Sleep In?

Yes, Parakeets need a bed or a hut to sleep in if you want to make your parakeet as comfortable as possible.

A parakeet hut will make them feel safe and secure when they sleep, and they will even enjoy seeking refuge in it during the day.



What Do You Put in a Parakeet Nesting Box?

If you’re looking to make a DIY parakeet bed there are a few different bird nesting materials that you can put into a parakeet nesting box:


Coconut Fiber

Coconut Fiber (Buy Online) is a nesting material that’s non-toxic and 100% safe for parakeets. This type of nesting material should be put in a parakeet nesting box at a depth of 1 to 3-inches. Coconut fiber will also need to be replaced every 10 to 14 days to keep it clean and free of any solid waste.


Cotton Fiber

Cotton Fiber (Buy Online) is an excellent nesting material since it is very soft and it has excellent insulating properties.



Fleece Liner (Buy Online) can be added to the base of a nesting box for added comfort. Fleece liners will also make it much easier to remove waste from a nesting box, and they can even be reused once they are cleaned.



Parakeet Nest in the Wild



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