Best Water Bottle for a Hedgehog

Best Water Bottle for a Hedgehog

Hedgehogs require water to stay hydrated and healthy. One of the most common ways hedgehogs take in water is through food, but they also need to have access to fresh water all day. So what’s the best water bottle for a hedgehog?

In this post we’ll cover the pros and cons of different types of water bottles, so you can decide which one will work best for your hedgehog.


Best Water Bottle for Hedgehog

LeerKing Small Animal Water Bottle
Choco Nose No Drip Hedgehog Water Bottle
Newweic Drinking Bottle with Food Container
RentACoop No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle



Best Water Bottle for Hedgehog

Choco Nose H125 Patented No Drip Water Bottle, Best Mini-Sized WaterBottle for Hedgehogs

The Choco Nose H125 No Drip Water Bottle (Buy Online) is an innovative solution for hedgehog owners that struggle with wet bedding or puddles in their hedgehog’s cage.

This bottle features a 10mm nozzle opening which allows small hedgehogs to easily drink from the bottle without getting their tongue stuck or making a mess.

It also has a quick-release screw-on bracket which makes it easy to remove for cleaning or refilling, so you can ensure that your hedgehog has access to clean drinking water at all times.

This bottle also has an ingenious design that allows it to fit on any regular-sized soda bottle so it’s incredibly convenient as well. Plus, it’s made from BPA Free material so it’s completely non-toxic and hedgehog safe.



LeerKing Small Animal Water Bottle

The LeerKing Small Animal Water Bottle (Buy Online) is the perfect solution for your hedgehog’s drinking needs. It combines the convenience of a water bottle and the benefits of a water bowl in one easy-to-clean container that won’t spill water in your pet’s cage.

You’ll love how easy this bottle is to use and maintain – just fill it with tap or purified water, screw on the top, and attach it to your hedgehog’s cage.

The siphon effect in this bottle will automatically fill up the bowl without spilling any liquid into your hedgehog’s cage.

Best of all, with this hybrid water bottle, you can enjoy having peace of mind knowing that your hedgehog has easy comfortable access to fresh drinking water that’s always clean.



Newweic Drinking Bottle with Food Container

The Newweic Drinking Bottle with Food Container (Buy Online) is the perfect solution for hedgehog owners who want to provide their pets with fresh water and food all day.

This feeding station combines a water bottle and food bowl into one cute little package. Plus with its convenient 2 in 1 design, you’ll never forget to fill up your pet’s water bottle or feeder bowl again.

Best of all the small drinking tube on the water bottle is the perfect size for a hedgehog’s tiny mouth, so you won’t have to worry about your hedgehog not drinking enough, or getting its tongue stuck in it.

The feeder bowl on the other hand is large enough to hold more than a day’s worth of food so you won’t have to worry about them going hungry when you’re away from home for an extended period of time.

The Newweic Drinking Bottle is also is easy to mount since you can attach this bottle to a hedgehog cage without horizontal bars since it comes with a mounting bracket made just for that purpose.



RentACoop No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle

The RentACoop No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle (Buy Online) is the best water bottle on the market. It holds 32 ounces of water which means it will last longer between refillings than most water bottles.

This water bottle also has a small nozzle tip, making it perfect for hedgehogs and other small animals who may have trouble drinking from larger nozzles. The flip-cap cover also makes refilling easy without having to remove the entire bottle from your hedgehog’s cage.

The RentACoop No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle is the perfect solution for hedgehog owners who want to give their pets fresh water without having to worry about spills and messes. And it’s made of food-grade plastic that’s easy to clean, chew-proof, and BPA-free. Plus, it holds so much water you’ll never have to worry about your pet ever go thirsty.



Lixit Flat Sided Aquarium and Wire Cage Quick Lock Water Bottle

The Lixit Flat Sided Quick-Lock Bottle (Buy Online) is the perfect solution for your little friend’s drinking needs. It has a flat side so it fits easily on any wire cage, and it comes with a quick-release bracket so you won’t have to worry about mounting the bottle properly every time you need to refill it.

The Lixit Flat Sided Cage Quick-Lock Water Bottle provides the easiest way to keep your hedgehog hydrated while reducing messes in their habitat.

This water bottle attaches firmly to the side of any cage, and it features two ball bearings that help reduce leaks.

The stainless steel drinking tube has also been designed specifically for use with small animals like hedgehogs, so they can easily drink from it. And the small diameter tube and dual ball bearings will help reduce the risk of your hedgehog’s tongue getting stuck in it while they drink.



Lixit Wide Mouth BPA-Free Cage Water Bottles for Hedgehogs

Lixit Wide Mouth BPA-Free Cage Water Bottles (Buy Online) are some of the best water bottles for adult hedgehogs. They’re made of high quality, long-lasting materials and have a 16oz capacity. The drinking tube is made of 304 food-grade stainless steel, and they have an easy to clean design with no hidden corners or crevices that can harbor bacteria. Plus, the wide mouth opening on these water bottles makes it easy to reach inside the bottle and scrub clean.



Best Hedgehog Water Bowl



Dahey Drinking Water Feeder Ceramics Slient Bottle Waterer Automatic Small Pets for Hedgehog

The Dahey Automatic Drinking Water Bowl (Buy Online) is a great way to provide your hedgehog with clean, fresh drinking water. It automatically releases fresh clean water as your hedgehog drinks and it’s leakproof so you don’t have to worry about spills or messes.

The Dahey Automatic Drinking Water Bowl is made of high-quality ceramic and it measures: 4.2″ x: 2.9″ x 3.5″, and it holds 8 ounces of liquid which should be changed every day or two depending on how much your hedgehog drinks.



Hedgehog Food Dish Ceramic Cute Shape Anti-Turning Food & Water Bowl

These Ceramic Heart-Shaped Bowls (Buy Online) have a wide base with deep sides so they won’t tip over even if you have a rambunctious hedgehog that likes to push things around in their cage.

These cute little heart-shaped water bowls hold 8-ounces of water which is enough to keep your pet hydrated throughout the night and day. Plus, they are made out of durable chew-proof ceramic and they are very easy to clean.



Food Dish Hedgehog Ceramic Food and Water Bowl – 2 Pack

These Beautiful Bowls (Buy Online) are perfect for keeping your pet’s food and water contained inside of the bowl without making a mess in their cage. The arc-shaped bottom prevents spillage, ensuring that there won’t be any more surprises waiting for you when you refill their water or clean up after mealtime.



How Much Water Do Hedgehogs Need Each Day

Adult hedgehogs need to drink 0.5 to 1.4-ounces of water each day. While juvenile hedgehogs can drink up to 2.1-ounces of water each day. And in some cases very active hedgehogs can drink more than 3-ounces of water per day.


Hedgehog Water Bottle FAQs



Are Water Bottles Bad for Hedgehogs?

What are the risks of using water bottles for hedgehogs? There’s been a lot of debate about this topic, but here are some things to consider.

Hedgehogs can have trouble drinking from a water bottle especially if the drinking tube is above their head. This is due to the fact that this is an unnatural drinking position for a hedgehog, and it can be harder for a hedgehog to swallow water at a steep angle without also ingesting air.

In some cases, hedgehogs can also get their tongues stuck in the drinking tube of a water bottle if it’s too big. It’s also not uncommon for hedgehogs to chip their teeth sometimes when drinking from a water bottle with a stainless steel tube.

The best way to avoid these problems is to use a water bottle with a self refilling water dish. This will give you all the benefits and convenience of a water bottle while still being completely safe for your hedgie.


How To Teach a Hedgehog to Use a Water Bottle

Hedgehogs are inquisitive creatures, who enjoy exploring their environment. Some hedgehogs are less eager than others and it might take more time for them to get used to a water bottle – though most eventually will, as long as they’re given ample opportunity and encouragement.

If you want to teach a hedgehog how to use a water bottle try tapping the drinking tube on the water bottle in front of your hedgehog to release a drop of water. This will show them that the water bottle is a source of hydration, which they’ll quickly pick up on if they are thirsty.

You should also make sure you mount the water bottle low enough so it’s comfortable for your hedgehog to get access to when they are thirsty. If the water bottle is placed too high it can be uncomfortable for them to drink out of which might lead to them avoiding it or not getting enough to drink.


Hedgehog Not Drinking Water

An easy way to get a hedgehog to drink more is by cleaning their water bottle or bowl with each new day and refilling it with fresh clean water. You can also try adding a small amount of food that will easily dissolve into the water to see if that helps encourage them to drink.

Now, if you happen to notice your pet looking sad/less energetic than usual or finding any other changes in its behavior, then it is possible that they have an illness. If that’s the case seek professional veterinary care immediately

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