Best Hay for Chinchillas

Best Hay for Chinchillas

On this page, you’ll find the best hay for Chinchillas, and we will break down each option for you so you can choose the right food for your fur baby. Plus, scroll down to the bottom of this page if you’re looking for the best chinchilla hay cubes, chinchilla hay feeders, and tips about feeding your chinchilla hay.


Best Hay for Chinchillas

Small Pet Select 2nd Cutting Perfect Blend Timothy Hay
Grandpa’s Best Timothy Hay Bale
Kaytee Timothy Hay 2nd Cut
Oxbow Animal Health Western Timothy Hay
Small Pet Select-Sampler Box, 2ND Cutting, 3RD Cutting Timothy Hay, Oat Hay, & Orchard Hay
Exotic Nutrition Timothy Hay Cubes 3 lb – 100% All Natural, High Fiber, Sun Cured
Sunseed All Natural Timothy Cubes



Best Hay for Chinchillas



Small Pet Select 2nd Cutting Perfect Blend Timothy Hay 25 lbs

Small Pet Select Timothy Hay (Buy Online) is a high-quality, fresh 2nd cutting of Timothy Hay that is grown in the USA. This hay even comes to you in a strong corrugated box which can be reused for storage or shipping purposes (if needed), and you can get Small Pet Select Timothy Hay in package sizes ranging from 2 to 40 pounds so there is no need to worry about overbuying or storing too much hay at once. Best of all, this hay has been hand-selected and tested for quality while still being more affordable than Timothy Hay from those big brand names.



Grandpa’s Best Timothy Hay Bale 10 lbs

Grandpa’s Best Timothy Hay Bale (Buy Online) provides all the benefits of premium timothy hay in a convenient package. And this hay is free of additives and preservatives so you can be sure your furry friend will enjoy fresh, nutritious food every time they eat it.

Grandpa’s Best Timothy Hay Bales are made by hand-sorting the best timothy grasses from North America, then flaking and compressing them into perfectly sized mini-bales that are ideal for small pet owners who want an affordable way to give their pets fresh food every day.



Grandpa’s Best Prairie Hay Bale 10 lbs

Grandpa’s Best Prairie Hay Bales (Buy Online) are made from 100% organic prairie grasses, making them soft and easy for you to feed to your chinchilla on a daily basis. And this prairie hay has been compressed into small bundles so you don’t have to worry about storing massive amounts of hay in your house or garage. Plus, Grandpa’s Best Prairie Hay Bales are premium quality hay for Chinchillas that have high fiber content, low protein levels, and great taste.



Kaytee Timothy Hay 2nd Cut, 6.5 lb

Kaytee Timothy Hay (Buy Online) is made from quality ingredients and Kaytee controls everything from the farm to packaging so you know you’re getting a safe product every time. Their hay is even non-GMO certified so they don’t include any genetically modified organisms (GMOs). And you won’t find anything artificial in their hay either since they leave out any preservatives and other additives that might harm your pet’s health



Oxbow Animal Health Western Timothy Hay

Oxbow Animal Health Western Timothy Hay (Buy Online) is an excellent source of dietary fiber which helps support healthy digestion while also encouraging your pet’s natural foraging instincts. It’s 100% premium quality with no additives or binders – just good old-fashioned hay harvested fresh from Oxbow family-owned farms here in the USA.



Oxbow Animal Health Orchard Grass Hay

Oxbow Animal Health Western Timothy Hay (Buy Online) is hand-sorted and hand-packed with care by trained growers in the production of premium hay. And this orchard grass blend is high in fiber so it will help promote a healthy digestive system and dental health.



Small Pet Select-Sampler Box, 2ND Cutting, 3RD Cutting Timothy Hay, Oat Hay, & Orchard Hay

The Small Pet Select-Sampler Box (Buy Online) gives you a chance to try out four different types of hay. In this sampler box, you’ll get 2Nd Cutting Timothy Hay, 3Rd Cutting Alfalfa Hay, Orchard Grass Hay, and Oat Hay all at a great price. This way you can test out which types of hay are most appealing to your chinchilla and find something they really like before buying large quantities of a specific type of hay.



Best Chinchilla Hay Cubes & Pellets



Exotic Nutrition Timothy Pellets – 100% All Natural, High Fiber, Sun Cured Timothy Hay Grass Food & Treat

Exotic Nutrition Timothy Pellets (Buy Online) are made from 100% timothy grass that is dried in the sun instead of being baked like other pellets. This process preserves all the natural nutrients found in timothy hay while making it easier for your pet’s body to digest.

The result is a healthy treat that tastes great and will help prevent obesity since it has a lower protein content than most treats on the market today. Plus you’ll never have to worry about artificial ingredients or additives with these hay pellets since they haven’t been treated with any colorants, flavorings, or preservatives.



Exotic Nutrition Timothy Hay Cubes 3 lb – 100% All Natural, High Fiber, Sun Cured Timothy Grass Food & Treat for Chinchillas

Exotic Nutrition Timothy Hay Cubes (Buy Online) are made with high-quality timothy hay and compressed into small blocks that make them easy for a chinchilla to eat. They’re also free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives so you know they’ll always be safe for your pets to enjoy. Plus, these cubes have 40% more fiber than other brands which helps keep teeth ground down while limiting weight gain caused by consuming too much hay.



Sunseed All Natural Timothy Cubes 16 oz

Sunseed All Natural Timothy Cubes (Buy Online) make feeding your furry friends simple because they’re already cut into bite-sized pieces. These all-natural chew treats also help promote important chewing habits by giving your animals something fun and tasty to do while grinding down their teeth and keeping them entertained. Plus, each cube only takes seconds to serve, and they come pre-packaged in convenient resealable bags.



Best Hay Rack for Chinchillas



Rural365 Hay Feeder Rack for Small Animals

The Rural365 Hay Feeder Rack for Small Animals (Buy Online) has multiple feeding holes that allow your pet to have access to hay at all times. And the free-standing design allows you to move the feeder anywhere in your cage or pen so that your pet is encouraged to be active while eating instead of just lying around all day. Plus, the square tower shape also makes it possible to use this hay feeder as a fun climbing toy in your chinchilla’s cage.




The CALPALMY Hay Feeder (Buy Online) has a metal grate with a spring mechanism that holds hay in place until it is eaten by your pet, which helps keep hay from falling out and going to waste. Plus, this hay feeder is made of BPA-Free plastic so it’s very easy to clean.



Tfwadmx Hay Feeder

With the Tfwadmx Hay Feeder (Buy Online) you don’t have to worry about your pet scattering his or her food around the cage any more thanks to its unique slanted design and head-size feeding ports. And this feeder is made from pet-safe wood and rope so it won’t rust or pose a potential safety hazard like metal wire feeders.



Hamiledyi Hay Feeder

The Hamiledyi Hay Feeder (Buy Online) is designed with your chinchilla’s needs in mind. This feeder makes it easy for you to give your pet hay and pellets without having to worry about them getting into trouble while eating, and the open-top on this hay feeder ensures your pet will be able to reach every bit of hay.



Why Do Chinchillas Need Hay

Chinchillas need hay for a variety of reasons:

1) Hay provides them with essential nutrients, and chinchillas require a high-fiber diet that consists mostly of hay. This fiber is necessary for their digestive system to function properly, and without it, they can develop health problems.

2) Hay also helps keep their teeth healthy and filed down since chinchilla teeth never stop growing, so they need to constantly chew on something hard in order to keep them ground down. And if their teeth get too long, it can cause them pain and make it impossible for them to eat or drink.



Can Chinchillas Eat Only Hay

Chinchillas should not exclusively eat hay. Hay should be a staple in their diet, but it needs to be mixed with other things like high-quality chinchilla food and treats in order to ensure they are eating a balanced diet, getting enough nutrients, and maintaining an optimal weight.



How Much Hay Do Chinchillas Eat

Chinchillas eat different amounts of hay each day, so it’s best to make sure there’s always a fresh supply of hay in their cage. They’ll usually start out by eating a lot, but they’ll eventually slow down as they get full. A good rule of thumb is to give them about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of hay per day, but you can adjust this amount depending on how much your chinchilla seems to be eating.



What Hay Can Chinchillas Eat

What kind of hay is safe for chinchillas? The most common types of hay that are safe for chinchillas are timothy hay, orchard grass, oat hay, and meadow hay.

TIP: Alfalfa hay should not be given in large amounts to chinchillas because it is high in protein and calcium which can cause health problems.


Is Oat Hay Good for Chinchillas

Yes, oat hay is a good option for chinchillas, but Timothy hay is a better option. Oat hay is high in fiber and helps to keep their digestive system healthy, while Timothy hay is richer in nutrients and helps to promote healthy teeth and bones.


Is Timothy Hay Good for Chinchillas

Yes, Timothy hay is the best hay for Chinchillas. It is high in fiber and helps keep its digestive system healthy.

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