Best Cord Protector for Rabbits

Best Cord Protector for Rabbits

If you’re a rabbit owner, you know that cords can be a big temptation for your furry friend. To keep your rabbit safe and prevent them from chewing on cords, you need a good cord protector. On this page, you’ll find the best cord protectors for rabbits along with tips on how to use them.

Best Cord Protector for Rabbits

Cord Protector – CritterCord
Rancco Cable Protector Pet Chew Cable Saver
FUNZON Cord Protector
Cacovedo Pet Cord Protector
PetCords Cord Protector
PROTECTO Pet Cord Protector Flexible Floor Cable Cover
Rocco & Roxie No Chew Spray



Best Cord Protector for Rabbits



Cord Protector – CritterCord

The CritterCord (Buy Online) is the best cord protector for rabbits. This cord protector is coated in a chew deterrent that makes it unpleasant for rabbits to taste or bite, and it also has a citrus scent that will keep them away. It’s 10 feet long and works on cords up to 14 gauge, making it perfect for protecting power cords, extension cords, or AV cables. Plus, it’s made in the USA!



Rancco Cable Protector Pet Chew Cable Saver

The Rancco Cable Protector Pet Chew Cable Saver (Buy Online) will keep your phone charger cables, computer cables, and other electronics safe from a curious rabbit. Whether you are looking for a protector to keep your rabbit from chewing through your cables or just want something fun and colorful to dress up your tech, these colorful cord protectors are perfect for keeping your cables safe without making them look ugly or out of place.



FUNZON Cord Protector 32.8ft Wire Protector Sleeve Covers for Cord Protects Your Pets from Chewing Through Insulated Cables

FUNZON Cord Protectors (Buy Online) are a great way to keep your pets from chewing through your cables. This handy sleeve wraps around your cables and features a spiral design that makes it difficult for pets to get their teeth around. And it’s easy to install, so you can keep your furry friend safe and your cords protected with this simple removable cord sleeve. Plus, they come in different colors that make it easy to identify which cable belongs to which device.



Cacovedo Pet Cord Protector

The Cacovedo Pet Cord Protector (Buy Online) is the best way to keep your cords safe from rabbits. Have you ever been worried about your pet chewing through cords, potentially causing an electrical fire? With the Cacovedo Pet Cord Protector, you can rest assured that your cables are safe from prying teeth.

The easy-to-install split-seam sleeve opens easily to slip over your cords, and this cord protector can be cut to any length with just a pair of scissors.

The Cacovedo Pet Cord Protector includes 30 Feet of split loom tubing, with an outer diameter of 1/2 inch, and an inner diameter of about 3/8 inch, making this the perfect all-in-one solution for protecting a wide range of different wires and cables.



PetCords Dog and Cat Cord Protector- Protects Your Pets from Chewing Through Insulated Cables

PetCords Protectors (Buy Online) are made out of flexible material that fits most TV and 14 gauge cables, making them ideal for use with a wide range of appliances and devices. Plus, PetCords are unscented and won’t leave any bad odors behind, making them a great alternative to CritterCords. And if you need to cut these cord protectors to fit a cable under 10 ft., it’s easy to do using just a pair of scissors.



PROTECTO Pet Cord Protector Flexible Floor Cable Cover -10ft Odor-Free Cat & Dog Chew Proof Plastic Cover for Electrical Wires and Cables

The PROTECTO Pet Cord Protector Flexible Floor Cable Cover (Buy Online) is the perfect solution for keeping your cords safe from your furry friends. This protector is made of durable rubber and fits snugly around cables, protecting them from being gnawed on. It’s also flexible so that it can conform to any shape or size cable. And if you have lots of cords to protect, no problem – PROTECTO Pet Cord Protectors come in packs of two or four.



Alex Tech 1/4 inch PET Expandable Braided Sleeving – Blackblue – Alex Tech braided cable sleeve

Alex Tech 1/4 inch PET Expandable Braided Sleeving (Buy Online) is one of the best cord protectors for pets. This wire sleeve is made from PET and has a diameter that expands by 50%. This braided cable sleeve can be used on Hifi audio, Appliances, HDMI wire, and more.

This expandable braided sleeving is UL listed, ROHS compliant, REACH registered, and Halogen free. It’s also economical and easy to install, so you can get the protection your cords need without breaking the bank.



Rabbit Chew Deterrent



Rocco & Roxie No Chew Spray

Rocco & Roxie No Chew Spray (Buy Online) is a bitter-tasting spray that discourages chewing and helps keep your furry friend safe from harm. The active ingredients are purified water, emulsifier, copaiba oil, bitter agent, and preservative. It’s two times more bitter than bitter apple spray so it really packs a punch. And if you’re looking for an effective way to stop your pet from chewing on everything in sight, we highly recommend giving Rocco & Roxie No Chew Spray a try



Why Does My Rabbit Chew Cords

Why do rabbits eat cords? Bunnies are natural chewers – it’s a way for them to grind down their teeth, which keeps them healthy. Cords are the perfect size for bunnies to chew on, so it’s no surprise that bunnies choose to chew on them.



Can Rabbits Die from Chewing Wires

Yes, rabbits can die from chewing wires. Chewing on a wire can electrocute a rabbit, and they can also choke on pieces of the cord. So it’s important to make sure your rabbit is always supervised when they’re around cords, and that any cords are safely hidden, or out of reach.

It’s also important to bunny-proof your home by taping down any loose cords so that the rabbits can’t get to them. If you have an outdoor rabbit hutch, be sure to check that the wiring is safe and up to code. And if your rabbit does chew a wire, be sure to unplug it and safely dispose of the damaged wire immediately.



How To Stop Rabbits from Chewing Wires

Is your bunny chewing on your electrical cords? This can be a dangerous habit, as they can easily bite through the cords and cause a fire. Below, we will share some tips on how to stop your rabbit from chewing wires. By following these tips, you can help keep your home safe for both you and your bunny.

Here are a few things you can do to stop rabbits from chewing wires:

  • Use a cord protector to cover electrical cords.
  • Spray chew deterrent spray on cords and other objects that rabbits like to chew on.
  • Give your rabbit plenty of toys and treats to keep them occupied.

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Rabbit Chew Toys



N Brand Bunny Grass House-Hand Made Edible Natural Grass Hideaway Comfortable Playhouse for Rabbits

The N Brand Bunny Chew Toy Set (Buy Online) includes a grass house, an apple wood skewer, 50 grams of apple tree branches, 3 grass sticks, 3 rattan balls, 1 rope, 4 S-shaped hooks, and 3 pine cones. Plus, all the pieces are made from natural materials, so you can rest assured knowing that your bunny is safe while playing with them.



andwe Small Animals Play Balls Rolling Chew Toys & Gnawing Treats for Rabbits

Andwe Small Animals Play Balls (Buy Online) are made out of natural, high-fiber materials that are safe and healthy for your pet rabbit to chew on. Not only do these balls help keep your bunny’s teeth healthy and trim, but they’re also a fun and stimulating toy that will keep them entertained for hours on end.



Sofier 32 Pcs Timothy Hay Sticks Rabbit

Sofier Timothy Hay Sticks (Buy Online) are the perfect way to keep your bunny healthy and happy. These hay sticks are made of 100% timothy hay, which is a great source of fiber for rabbits. In addition, each stick is packed with fresh calendula flowers, myosotis flowers, and rose petals to add flavor and nutrition.

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