What Do Rabbits Like to Chew On

What Do Rabbits Like to Chew On

You probably already know that rabbits need to chew on things to keep their teeth filed down. Hay should always serve as their primary source of roughage, but in order to keep your rabbit mentally stimulated you should strive to give them a variety of chew toys to play with. So, if you really want to know what do rabbits like to chew on continue reading for a full list of the best rabbit toys.



Small Pet Select Wonderland Play Table

Kaytee Premium Timothy Treat Hideout

Kaytee Toss and Learn Carrot Game

Leeko Bunny Chew Toys for Teeth, Organic Apple Wood Sticks Rabbits

Niteangel Twig Tunnel Small Animal Hideout Chew Toy Kit




Rabbit Chew Toys



Small Pet Select Wonderland Play Table

The Small Pet Select Wonderland Play Table (Buy Online) is one of the best all-around rabbit chew toys on the market. This large rabbit chew toy has four wooden legs that are made of Birch which is a perfectly safe wood for rabbits to chew on.

The floor of this play table has rope threaded through a series of holes that are meant to help stimulate your rabbit’s natural digging and chewing behaviors. It also comes with two large mobiles that are made of a mix of wood and hay that your rabbit will enjoy batting around and gnawing on.

The mobiles can also be replaced when your rabbit has chewed through them since they are connected to metal hooks at the top of the structure. That makes it easy to replace them with your own DIY toys for rabbits, or you can simply attach any type of rabbit toy to the play table quite easily.



Niteangel Twig Tunnel Small Animal Hideout with Timothy Club Mat, Natural Grass Balls and Chew Toys Kits

The Niteangel Twig Tunnel Small Chew Toy Kit (Buy Online) comes with a wide range of chew toys that are custom made for rabbits. This chew toy kit comes with one twig tunnel made from 100% handwoven willow that is 8-inches wide by 10-inches deep and 7-inches high.

The kit also comes with a large timothy hay mat for your rabbit that’s safe for them to chew on, or they can even use it to stretch out and take a nap. You also get a bundle of willow or apple wood sticks with the kit, and a large woven grass ball that your rabbit can push around and play with.

To top it all off you also get a small water hyacinth ball and a large pine cone in this kit that will provide some nice textural variety for your rabbit. The kit also comes with a Loofah that you can stuff with treats that will let you give your rabbit something new and mentally stimulating to chew on.



Leeko Bunny Chew Toys for Teeth, Organic Apple Wood Sticks Rabbits

Leeko Bunny Apple Wood Chew Sticks (Buy Online) are a great chew toy that you can easily add to any rabbit cage. This chew toy is made up of 10 organic apple wood sticks and 10 Timothy hay balls.

The grass balls and apple sticks are connected together by a strong metal wire that you can easily attach to the bars of your rabbit’s cage using the metal hooks on either side of the wire. In our experience rabbits absolutely go crazy for this toy, so it’s a good idea to stock up on them so you’ll always have a few on hand for them to chew on.



Rabbit Hideaway



Kaytee Premium Timothy Treat Hideout

The Kaytee Premium Timothy Treat Hideout (Buy Online) is one of the best chew toy hideout combos on the market. This large premium Timothy Hay Hideout measures 6.25″ X 8.75″ X 8.5″, and it’s made from pressed hay that has been molded into the shape of a natural-looking hollowed out log.

The compressed hay gives it excellent structural strength so your rabbit can easily stand on the log, while at the same time it’s still soft enough for your rabbit to chew on. That makes this hideout one of the more long-lasting rabbit chew toys, so your rabbit will get plenty of enjoyment out of it and you won’t have to replace it that often.



Grass House – Folding Woven Hut

The Grass House – Folding Woven Hut (Buy Online) is a nice cozy secure place for your rabbit to hide in, and it’s also 100% safe for them to chew on. This woven grass hut measures 11.8 x 7.8 x 9 inches, so it’s the perfect size for most standard rabbits.

The huts are also stackable which makes them perfect if you have multiple rabbits that need their own hideout. They also fold flat if you ever need to store them, and when they are folded flat they are very easy to transport.

The huts are made of 100% woven hay so they are absolutely safe for a rabbit to chew on. They are also pretty durable so they should last for a while, but if you need a longer-lasting hideout the Kaytee Premium Timothy Treat Hideout might still be a better option.



Logic Toys for Rabbits



Kaytee Toss and Learn Carrot Game

The Kaytee Toss and Learn Carrot Game (Buy Online) is a fun toy for rabbits that can help reduce stress and promote your rabbits natural foraging behaviors. This toy comes with a wooden game shelf, 2 mounting bolts, and three carrot-shaped chew toys.

The carrot-shaped chew toys fit into the holes in the wooden game shelf that encourage your rabbit to lift the toys out just as they would do with plants in the wild. You can also hide treats under the carrots to give your rabbit a reward to work for. It’s also very inexpensive to get replacement carrots for this set once your rabbit chews through the original set included in the package.



Rabbit Safe Pine Cones for Sale



Pack of 50 Organic Miniature Pine Cones Pet Critter Treats

This Pack of 50 Organic Miniature Pine Cones Pet Critter Treats (Buy Online) is perfect if you’re looking for Rabbit Safe Pine Cones for your bunnies to chew on. Each pine cone measures 1/2-inch to 1-inch, so they are perfect for both small and large rabbits. They are also completely safe for your rabbit since they don’t have any sap on them, and they are 100% organic.



Rabbit Mineral Stone



Pawliss Teeth Grinding Lava Block for Rabbit (Pack of 6)

The Pawliss Teeth Grinding Lava Block for Rabbits (Buy Online) are great if you’re looking for a durable rabbit chew toy. These lava blocks measure 2” x 2” x 2”, and there are six in each package. They are also very lightweight so your rabbit will easily be able to toss them around and play with them. Overall, if you’re having a hard time keeping your rabbit’s teeth filed down then you should really try a lava block since they are highly effective and most rabbits love to chew on them.


– What Do Rabbits Like to Chew On –


Can Rabbits Eat Grass

rabbit eat grass

Yes, Rabbits can eat grass. In most cases grass is completely safe for a rabbit to ingest, but there are a few things you need to be aware of before you let them chow down on your lawn. First, grass should only make up a very small portion of your rabbits diet, and you should only allow your rabbit to consume grass in moderation to avoid intestinal distress and diarrhea.

Make sure that your rabbit isn’t eating grass that has been treated with pesticides or fertilizers since these can be poisonous to your rabbit. You also should try to identify any of the weeds in your lawn since some weeds can be toxic to rabbits. In addition, it’s a good idea to keep rabbits away from any grass where dogs and other animals have urinated to limit the risk of them contracting a disease or an infection.

If you don’t have a lawn, or if you want to play it safe you can get the Bunny Lawn Fresh Grass Mat (Buy Online) for your rabbit. The fully mature grass is shipped in a rabbit safe cardboard box, so you can give your rabbit a little patch of grass if you don’t have much grass in your yard, or even if you live in an apartment.



Can Rabbits Eat Cardboard

Yes, rabbits can eat cardboard. For the most part, cardboard is safe for rabbits, but it shouldn’t serve as the primary source of roughage in their diet. You also want to make sure that you don’t feed your rabbit any cardboard that might have any toxic inks or foreign substances on it.

For the most part, lightweight cardboard like a toilet paper roll or a thin cardboard box is the best type of cardboard for a rabbit. Shipping boxes can also be safe as long as you’re sure they have nontoxic ink printed on them. You should also always make sure to avoid giving your rabbit any cardboard boxes that have any oils or dirt on them from shipping.

You can even get your rabbit a specially made rabbit safe cardboard tunnel like the Kaytee Chewbular Play Tube (Buy Online). Or, if you have more room in your rabbit’s cage then you can get them the BinkyBunny Maze Haven Rabbit House (Buy Online) so they can have their own rabbit cardboard house that can serve as a warren.



Can Rabbits Eat Paper

Can Rabbits Eat Paper

Yes, rabbits can eat paper but you need to be careful of inks and laminates. Standard white paper can be safe for a rabbit to eat in small amounts, but it can be a little hard to digest since it is so highly processed. On the other hand, you shouldn’t let your rabbit chew on glossy paper or pamphlets since they can be toxic.

Newspaper is generally safe for a rabbit to eat nowadays since most newspaper companies moved away from petroleum-based inks, and now most newspapers use soy and water-based inks. If you want to play it safe contact the publisher of your newspaper and ask them what type of ink they use in their printing process.

Toilet paper is also safe for rabbits to eat in small amounts, but you might want to avoid paper towels since they can bunch up in a rabbits intestines. Regular brown paper bags are also safe for a rabbit to eat, and if you stuff them with hay your rabbit will absolutely love chewing through the bag to get to the hay inside it.



Can Rabbits Eat Pine Needles

Can Rabbits Eat Pine Needles

It usually won’t harm a rabbit if they nibble on a few pine needles, but they aren’t great for rabbits since they can give them an upset stomach. Pine needles contain volatile oils and terpenes that give them that fresh pine scent, but they can be very irritating to a rabbits intestines, and in some cases, pine needles can even turn your rabbit’s urine orange.

You’ll also want to keep your rabbit away from Christmas trees since they might have been treated with highly toxic fire retardants. You should also never let your rabbit drink from the water at the base of your Christmas tree since it can be filled with bacteria, and it can also contain a high concentration of volatile oils and terpenes like pinene.



Can Rabbits Eat Acorns

Can Rabbits Eat Acorns

No, Acorns are not safe for rabbits to eat and most animals can’t eat them since they contain high quantities of toxic tannins. First off nuts of any kind contain way too much starch and protein to be safely added to a rabbits diet, so you should avoid nuts all together to keep your rabbit’s intestinal system healthy.

Acorns are especially problematic nuts since they contain very high concentrations of tannins. Tannins are meant to protect plants from predation by causing intestinal distress and sometimes death to any animals that consume them. That’s why you should never feed your rabbit acorns since they can harm your rabbit, and if they eat enough of them they could even potentially be fatal.

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