Extra Large Guinea Pig Cages Indoor

Extra Large Guinea Pig Cages Indoor

Are you looking for the best guinea pig cage that is large enough to accommodate your pet? If so, you’re in luck. On this page, you’ll find the best extra large guinea pig cages for indoor use on the market. So, whether you are looking for a new cage to keep your guinea pig safe and comfortable or are just curious about what is available, keep reading for more information.


Extra Large Guinea Pig Cages Indoor

PawHut Small Animal Cage with Main House and Run
PETSFIT Wooden Indoor Cage with Hideout
COZIWOW 3 Tier Hamster Cage, Wood Guinea Pig Habitat
Aivituvin Dual Level Indoor Guinea Pig Cage
PawHut Small Animal Cage Deluxe Pet Habitat
Krolik XXL Cage w/Wire Extenstion
C&C Cage for Guinea Pig 4×2 with Lid & Ram
Kaytee My First Home 2-level Pet Habitat



Best Extra Large Guinea Pig Cages Indoor



PawHut Small Animal Cage with Main House and Run for Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Hamster Indoor and Outdoor

The Extra Large Guinea Pig Cage Indoor from PawHut (Buy Online) is a durable steel wire cage that comes with a detachable run, and it is made specifically for indoor use. If you’re looking for an affordable way to provide your guinea pig with plenty of space, this cage is a great option.

One of our favorite things about this particular cage is that it has a lightweight frame and 4 wheels, which makes moving it around as easy as pie. In addition to being lightweight, this cage has been constructed using durable quality steel wire mesh and it has large easy access doors

The PawHut Extra Large Guinea Pig Cage with run measures in at 46.5″ L x 67″ W x 24.5″ H, which makes this one of the largest indoor guinea pig cages available on the market.

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PETSFIT Guinea Pig Cages Wooden Indoor Hamster Cage with Hideout for Rest and Ramp for Enter and Out

The PETSFIT Wooden Indoor Guinea Pig Cage (Buy Online) is made from Finnish spruce wood panels and comes with a side door that also functions as a ramp, making it easier for your pet to come in and out and roam around the house. And the deep galvanized pull-out tray prevents leakage and makes cleaning up quick and easy. Plus, there is even a hideout included in this cage so your furry friend can get some rest. So if you’re in the market for a high-quality home for your guinea pig, be sure to check out the PETSFIT Wooden Indoor Guinea Pig Cage.



COZIWOW 3 Tier Hamster Cage, Wood Guinea Pig Habitat

The COZIWOW 3 Tier Hamster Cage (Buy Online) is one of the best extra large guinea pig cages for indoor use. If you are looking for a quality habitat for your pet, this one should definitely be on your list. The three-tier design allows your guinea pig to explore different levels, and the two removable hideouts provide some privacy. Additionally, this habitat is made of pinewood and wire mesh, while the pull-out plastic tray makes cleaning easy. And if that’s not enough, this habitat also comes with a full-width double door and see-through acrylic front so you can interact with your pet whenever you want. The overall dimensions of this cage are 36” L x 22” W x 24” H, making it perfect for larger guinea pigs or multiple small pets.



PawHut 32″ 2-Level Indoor Animal Cage

The PawHut 2-Level Indoor Animal Cage (Buy Online) is a sturdy metal cage that is powder-coated to protect it from rust and corrosion, and it comes with a platform and ramp to give your furry friend plenty of space to play. The front opening door and top opening lid make access easy, and four universal wheels make transport a breeze. Best of all, the bottom tray is removable so that you can easily clean up any messes your pet makes.



Aivituvin Dual Level Indoor Guinea Pig Cage

The Aivituvin Dual Level Indoor Guinea Pig Cage (Buy Online) is an excellent choice for anyone who’s looking to give their cavy a more spacious indoor home. This cage has both an upper and lower level that can be separated, making it perfect cage for two guinea pigs to enjoy the space together or separately as needed. And it has two deep litter trays that will ensure that you won’t have any leakage issues when cleaning up after your pets, and the four wheels make cage maintenance easy even if you have limited space. Plus, you also get a metal feeder and chew toy included with this deluxe guinea pig cage.



PawHut Small Animal Cage Deluxe Pet Habitat

The PawHut Small Animal Cage Deluxe Pet Habitat (Buy Online) is a great guinea pig cage for indoor use. This small animal habitat is large enough that your guinea pig will have plenty of room to run around in but not so big that it takes up too much space in your home or apartment. And the top panel opens easily which makes cleaning this cage a quick and easy task. Plus, this large guinea pig cage sits on a sturdy stand with 4 easy-glide wheels, so moving this pet habitat from one location to another will be simple as well.



Krolik XXL Rabbit Cage w/Wire Extenstion | Rabbit Cage Includes All Accessories & Measures

The Krolik XXL Cage w/Wire Extension (Buy Online) is a great choice for guinea pigs who need more space to roam and play. This cage includes 2 large water bottles, 2 hay feeders, a feeding bowl & an elevated feeding area. It measures 63.8 L x 23.62 W x 19.68 H with a 5.5″ deep litter tray, and it has enough room for up to 3 guinea pigs to live in comfortably. Plus, the large wire doors provide easy access inside the cage while keeping your pets safely inside and potential predators like cats and dogs out.



Kaytee My First Home 2-level Pet Habitat

Kaytee’s My First Home 2-level Pet Habitat (Buy Online) is a great habitat for a child’s room. This cage has chew-proof latches and a large access door, so your pet will be easy to get in and out. The Kaytee My First Home 2-level Pet Habitat measures 42 x 18″ x 19″ and all items needed to get started come included such as comfort shelf, safety ramp, water bottle, food dish, hay buffet, and caster wheels.



Ferplast Krolik Rabbit Cage | Extra-Large Rabbit Cage w/Wood or Wire Hutch | Rabbit Cage Includes All Accessories

The Ferplast Krolik Cage (Buy Online) is an extra-large guinea pig cage that measures 55.9L x 23.62W x 19.7H inches, and it includes a wood hutch ideal for nesting that creates a private space for your pet. This easy maintenance cage also features a 5.5″ deep base to contain litter and the entire base of the cage detaches for cleaning or dumping of litter/debris. Plus, the convenient full front door provides quick access inside the cage while the wood hutch features a locking top panel that allows you to check in on your pet if they are spending a little too much time hiding out.



Kaytee Guinea Pig Cage | Dwarf Rabbit Cage

The Kaytee Guinea Pig Cage (Buy Online) comes equipped with an extra-large habitat, large front and top access doors with Z-locks, includes shelf, safety ramp, Kaytee food & bedding rebate, 16 oz. water bottle and food dish. Plus, this cage assembles easily without tools, and it is easy to clean thanks to its deep removable leakproof base.



Living World Deluxe Habitat

The Living World Deluxe Habitat (Buy Online) is the perfect cage for guinea pigs. This hybrid cage features an upper wire frame and a plastic bottom base, providing a safe, well-ventilated, and comfortable place for your pet to live. The wire cage is elegantly styled, with a curved red wire top and white wire sides, and the wire top opens easily in 2 separate parts for easy access inside the cage. There is a wire door at the front for additional accessibility. And it includes a balcony with an access ramp and a tip-proof food dish that secures to the balcony floor.



PawHut Small Animal Cage Rabbit Chinchilla Guinea Pig Hutch Pet Play House with Platform, Ramp, Food Dish, Water Bottle, Hay Feeder

The PawHut Small Animal Cage with Play House (Buy Online) is an affordable cage that’s easy to assemble. This cage has been specifically designed with mobility and convenience in mind. It has wheels so you can easily transport it, and its large front door makes cleaning it and accessing your pet easy as well. Plus, this pet enclosure comes with a ramp so your guinea pig can easily get in and out to have some fun with the family.



C&C Cage for Guinea Pig 4×2 with Lid & Ramp by KAVEE – Gray coroplast

The C&C Cage for Guinea Pigs (Buy Online) is a simple, affordable cage that offers plenty of living space. With 18 grid panels and 35 connectors, you can set up your cage in minutes with no tools required. And this C&C Cage features 4 securely latching door-grids so it’s perfect if you have multiple guinea pigs or if one likes to escape their enclosure. It also includes 1 loft & ramp which makes the top-level feel more spacious. Finally, this extra large-sized guinea pig cage comes complete with a coroplast base cover to help protect your floors from any accidents.



Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage by Midwest

The Midwest Guinea Habitat (Buy Online) is a great starter cage for any guinea pig owner. This safe and secure habitat features a dividing panel to separate the play space from the living space while keeping your pet happy with plenty of room to roam around in both sections. And it has a large top door that makes it easy for you to interact with your pet while keeping them safely in their cage. Plus, this is one of the best-selling indoor cages for guinea pigs for good reason since it offers more space for a lower price per square foot compared to traditional cages.



Eiiel Guinea Pig Cage,Indoor Habitat Cage with Waterproof Plastic Bottom

The Eiiel Indoor Guinea Pig Habitat (Buy Online) is the best choice for you if you are looking to buy an affordable large cage for your guinea pig. The dimensions of this cage are 55.1″L x 27.6″W x 13.8″H and it includes a leak-proof base and durable modular wall panels.

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