Bitter Apple Spray for Ferrets

Bitter Apple Spray for Ferrets

Ferrets are known for their mischievous nature, but they also have a nasty habit of chewing on things that they shouldn’t. One way to deter them from chewing is by spraying bitter apple spray on things your ferret likes to chew. On this page, you’ll find the best Bitter Apple Spray for Ferrets, along with tips on how to keep your ferret from chewing on things they are not supposed to.


Bitter Apple Spray for Ferrets

Grannicks Bitter Apple 8oz w/Sprayer-2 pack
NO CHEW Spray – Natural, Alcohol Free & Non Toxic | Effective Anti Chew Deterrent Spray
Fur Goodness Sake Bitter Apple Spray
Bodhi New Bitter 2 in 1 No Chew & Hot Spot Spray



Best Bitter Apple Spray for Ferrets



Grannicks Bitter Apple 8oz w/Sprayer-2 pack

Grannick’s Bitter Apple Spray (Buy Online) is the best bitter apple spray for ferrets and it’s one of the few sprays that has been time-tested and actually works. It tastes terrible so it will prevent your ferret from biting or chewing anything at all for hours after you spray it on.

Spray Grannick’s Bitter Apple onto objects that you don’t want your ferret to chew on or near items that may end up in his mouth. And if you are diligent and spray an object with Grannick’s Bitter Apple regularly, chances are your ferret will quickly learn not to go near it again.



NO CHEW Spray – Natural, Alcohol Free & Non Toxic | Effective Anti Chew Deterrent Spray

NO CHEW Spray (Buy Online) is an all-natural spray that works great at discouraging chewing behavior in pets of any kind, including ferrets. Just spray the area you want your pet to stop chewing, whether that’s your couch, your office cords, or even their own paws.

Spray 3 to 5 times directly on the object (or paw). Don’t worry about the spray damaging furniture or fabrics; it’s safe for use anywhere. Reapply as needed until the desired results are achieved and make sure to keep the bottle on hand if your ferret continues to act out.



Fur Goodness Sake Bitter Apple Spray

Bitter Apple Spray for Ferrets from Fur Goodness Sake (Buy Online) is a great choice if your ferret has been chewing up anything it shouldn’t. It’s made with 100% natural ingredients that will deter them from chewing on furniture or other items in your home. It also has some soothing lemongrass added into the mix which can help soothe any hot spots your pet might have as well.

This ferret deterrent solution will keep all of your pets happy and healthy while also saving you money on expensive vet bills down the line. Just spray this product onto whatever it is they’re trying to chew on and watch as their interest fades away. Give it about 3 weeks before expecting to see some results though, because just like humans ferrets can be slow to change and learn new behaviors.



Anti Chew Dog Training Spray: No Chew Bitter Spray and Pet Deterrent

PAKT Anti-Chew Spray (Buy Online) contains three times more bittering agents than other bitter apple sprays on the market, so it’s much more effective at stopping unwanted behaviors while still being safe around children and pets. In addition, this formula doesn’t contain any propylene glycol or alcohol which means it won’t harm your ferret’s health.



Bodhi New Bitter 2 in 1 No Chew & Hot Spot Spray

Bodhi Bitter Spray (Buy Online) will stop your ferret from biting at their wounds and licking themselves raw. It works by blocking the sensation of pain associated with itching on any part of the body including paws, ears, belly, etc.

A few sprays of this 2 in 1 Bitter Apple Spray will stop your furry friend from chewing on wounds, scratches, and everything in and around the house.

This spray is free of any harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances; and it only contains all-natural ingredients including Eucalyptus oil, Lemongrass oil, Menthol, Peppermint Oil, and Clove Oil



OUT! Bitter Cherry Chew Deterrent

OUT! PetCare Bitter Cherry Chew Deterrent (Buy Online) is an effective way to discourage chewing and licking at hot spots, bandages, stitches, and items that you want to protect. It works by creating a bitter taste when applied directly onto the affected area of your pet’s body or on any surface. Plus, it comes in an easy-to-use 32 oz bottle with a built-in sprayer nozzle for quick application.



NaturVet – Bitter YUCK – No Chew Spray

Bitter YUCK. No Chew Spray (Buy Online) tastes awful and will make any item in your home or yard unpalatable. This product comes with a handy spray bottle that you can use all over the place including trees, plants, furniture, cords, and more. Plus, it’s safe to use around eyes and noses as well as sores and wounds making it perfect for treating cuts right away after an injury occurs.



Why is My Ferret Chewing on Everything

Ferrets are always chewing on things. They chew because they have an instinct to explore their surroundings with their mouth, and this is how they gather information about the world around them.

However, if your ferret is chewing up everything in sight, there may be an underlying issue that needs to be addressed.

One of the most common reasons for an increase in your ferret chewing things is stress or boredom from lack of stimulation from humans or other pets.

This can lead to destructive behaviors such as excessive self-grooming and gnawing on furniture items like wires or electronics which can result in electric shocks, fires, and possible death.

To avoid this it’s important for ferret owners to make sure that their pet has plenty of toys and playtime with family members and other pets.



How To Get My Ferret To Stop Chewing on Everything

  • Make sure that the room you are in is ferret proofed before letting them out
  • Give your ferret plenty of safe chew toys to play with
  • Get rid of anything toxic for them to chew on – this includes plants, cords, and wires
  • Keep an eye on what they are chewing on when they are outside their cage – if it’s not something that can be chewed then pick it up and put it away immediately
  • Offer them food-based treats when they have stopped chewing on things for a while
  • Give your ferret a safe place to sleep that is away from hazards like electrical outlets and cords



How To Stop Ferrets Biting Themselves

Ferrets are intelligent and curious animals, but they also tend to bite themselves. They will lick their fur and bite their skin which can lead to painful infections or abscesses.

When ferrets feel stressed, they will engage in this type of self-soothing behavior. If you want to stop your pet from engaging in these negative behaviors, you can apply bitter apple spray to the area to deter your ferret from doing any further damage.

It’s also a good idea to provide your ferret with an outlet for their stress so they stop biting themselves

  • Here are some ways to soothe your ferret so they stop biting themselves:
  • Make sure your ferret has plenty of toys to chew on
  • Give them a lot of attention and playtime with you
  • Provide them with something they can climb up, like a cat tree or hammock
  • Consider getting another ferret as a company
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