Best Chew Toys for Ferrets

Best Chew Toys for Ferrets

Ferrets are small, furry creatures that love to chew on everything from socks to furniture. The best way to make sure your ferret is safe and happy is by providing them with the right chew toys. On this page, you’ll find some of the best chew toys for ferrets so you can keep your pet entertained while also keeping your belongings safe.


Best Chew Toys for Ferrets

Marshall Ferret Sport Balls
Antidious Interactive Pet Treat Game for Ferrets
Petco Brand – You & Me Ferret Fun Ball/ Wagon Wheel
Weazel Ball Motorized Ball Pet Toy
Nocciola 12 Pack Ferret Chew Toys
N-Bone Ferret Natural Chew Sticks



Best Chew Toys for Ferrets



Marshall Ferret Sport Balls

Marshall Sport Balls (Buy Online) are the best chew toys for ferrets. They’re soft but durable enough to last a long time, and they have a jingle bell inside that entices your ferret to chase them around.
And since they’re made just for ferrets they are the perfect size for a ferret’s mouth, unlike cat or dog toys.

Marshall Sport Balls will keep your ferret occupied for hours and provide them with an outlet for all of their pent-up energy. And we all know that ferrets love chasing moving objects, so these sports balls will give your furry friend hours of fun.

Plus, these sports balls are made from high-quality materials so you won’t have to worry about them ripping apart like other cheap plastic toys.



Antidious Interactive Pet Treat Game for Ferrets

The Antidious Interactive Pet Treat Game (Buy Online) is the perfect solution for any bored ferret owner who wants to give their pet something fun to do. This interactive game can be used as both an educational toy and a treat dispenser, so you’ll never run out of ideas on how to keep your Ferret entertained again. And the Antidious Interactive Pet Treat Game will help your pet stay physically active while also strengthening their mental acuity as well.



Petco Brand – You & Me Ferret Fun Ball/ Wagon Wheel

The You & Me Fun Ball/ Wagon Wheel Duo (Buy Online) is a great solution for ferret owners who want their pets to have lots of fun and get some exercise. These chew toys are designed specifically for ferrets and they have little bells inside so they make noise when moved around on hard floors or carpeting.

The wagon wheel also has holes in its side where you can attach strings so you can pull it along and have your ferret run after it. And both toys come in bright colors, which makes them perfect for ferrets since the colors were carefully selected for their dichromatic eyes.



No Stuffing Ferret Chew Toy Crinkle

These Animal Shaped No Stuffing Chew Toys (Buy Online) are made of durable materials that are safe for ferrets to chew on and will last a long time compared to other stuffed, plush toys. Plus these toys have squeakers inside that make fun sounds when your pet chews them.

These No Stuffing Ferret Chew Toys come in a range of different animal shapes in a bundle pack, which means you’ll have something fun to offer your pet every day. They’re also machine washable so you can keep them clean easily. And Each one is durable, which means they’re great for throwing around as well as chewing.



Weazel Ball Motorized Ball Pet Toy

The Weazel Ball Motorized Ball Pet Toy (Buy Online) is the solution for ferret owners who want to give their pets a new toy. This ball rolls around when turned on, so your pet will be able to chase it all day. It’s also an excellent way for you and your kids to bond with your pet. You can even set up obstacles in its path while the motorized ball rolls around. We’re sure your little furry friend will love chasing after this rolling ball as much as you’ll love watching him or her do it.



Ware 18 Pack of Chew Rings

Ware Chew Rings (Buy Online) are a great way to help your ferret get the stimulation it needs while keeping your house safe from destruction. These colorful toys will help occupy your ferret during playtime, which means less time spent gnawing on furniture or the bars of their ferret cage.

Ware’s chews are made from natural, crispy corn husks, which are also non-toxic for your pet. These chew rings come in an assortment of colors so they will keep your ferret’s interest. And you’ll receive 18 total chews (6 per package) so there will be plenty left over even if your ferret is an aggressive chewer.



Nocciola 12 Pack Ferret Chew Toys

Nocciola Stuffed Ferret Chew Toys (Buy Online) are high-quality chew toys that will keep ferrets busy for hours. Each toy has been carefully crafted with durable materials that will last through any chewing session without getting destroyed right away as most other common chews do.

These ferret chew toys are made from plush fabrics and durable cotton fibers, which will also help scrape off tartar buildup and prevent gum disease too.

Plus, these plush toys are perfectly safe for your pets to chew on and play with – and you won’t need to worry about them destroying them instantly or injuring themselves.



Kaytee Small Animal Chew Toys

Kaytee Small Animal Chew Toys (Buy Online) are a great way to satisfy your small animal’s natural desire to chew, gnaw and play with new things. This Nut Knot Nibbler is made from all-natural hardwood with almond wood in the center that will keep your ferret entertained for hours on end.

Best of all, Kaytee Small Animal Chew Toys are also non-toxic and dye-free so you know it’s safe for your furry friend. And this colorful toy comes in two sizes so there’s one that will be perfect for every type of pet—from ferrets to guinea pigs and everything in between.



Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy

Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toys (Buy Online) are handmade using 100% natural materials – cornhusk, seagrass, water hyacinth, and rattan. These chew balls will provide hours of entertainment while also helping clean teeth and gums.

Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toys are also non-toxic so you can rest easy knowing your ferret is having a blast without any harmful chemicals or toxins getting into their system.

And you’ll love watching them roll it around their cage before settling down to nibble on it for a while (or trying to steal it from each other).



Kaytee Combo Puzzle Chews

Kaytee Combo Puzzle Chews (Buy Online) will provide your pet with hours of fun and entertainment while also keeping them happy and healthy through their dental health benefits. And these toys will help keep teeth trim and healthy by rubbing off plaque as they chew, which is a common cause of tooth decay in small animals.



Best Chew Sticks for Ferrets



N-Bone Ferret Natural Chew Sticks

N-Bone Chew Sticks (Buy Online) were made with ferrets in mind and they were specifically formulated to be long-lasting and easily digestible. These tasty treats are made from natural ingredients and contain added taurine (an essential amino acid).

Most pet owners want to give their ferrets delicious treats but don’t know where to find them. Many of the products on the market aren’t good for your pet or they can be too expensive.

N-Bone is a high-quality product made in America and it’s made for ferrets – with no added hormones or antibiotics.

And these natural chews contain a mix of health-promoting nutrients, and their texture helps remove plaque from teeth while being digestible and safe as an edible chew toy.

N-Bone Ferret Natural Chew Sticks come in three flavors (beef, chicken & salmon) in convenient resealable sampler packages so you can try out different flavors to see which one suits your ferret’s tastes.



Marshall Pet Products Ferret Extreme Freeze Dried Munchy Minnows

Marshall Pet Products Ferret Extreme Freeze Dried Munchy Minnows (Buy Online) are the perfect treat for a ferret with a taste for fish. And these freeze-dried minnow sticks contain no artificial ingredients so they’re healthy and 100% ferret safe.



What Can Ferrets Chew On

Ferrets love to chew on anything they can get their teeth into, so it is important for ferret owners to provide a variety of safe and appropriate chew toys that are made for ferrets

You can provide ferrets with toys such as stuffed animals, ropes, balls with bells inside, or cardboard boxes

Rawhide chews are also an excellent choice because they last longer than most other types of chews

Avoid giving your ferret any household items that you wouldn’t want them chewing on – this includes wires from electronics or objects that are similar to personal items

Keep in mind that some materials may be toxic if ingested by your pet and avoid giving them things like nylon rope or plastic bags



What Do ferrets Like to Chew On

Ferrets will chew on anything in the house they can find. They love to chase things and hard balls with bells are their favorite. Ball pits for them or a toy box filled with old socks are great ways to make sure they get plenty of exercise without damaging your furniture. You should also be aware that ferrets explore by chewing, so you have to keep anything you don’t want them to chew on out of their reach so it doesn’t get destroyed.


Can Ferrets Chew Through Wood

Yes, Ferrets can chew through wood so you need to be mindful of this. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent your ferret from chewing on your furniture. One easy solution is to provide them with something else to gnaw on to focus their interest elsewhere and keep them occupied.

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