Sentry Calming Collar vs Feliway

Sentry Calming Collar vs Feliway

Feline pheromone products are a safe and effective way to address a wide range of behavioral problems that can arise in certain cats. However, there are many different ways to administer feline facial pheromones that each have their own merits. In this article, we’ll compare the Sentry Calming Collar vs Feliway Diffuser and address the benefits and drawbacks of each product.


Sentry Calming Collar vs Feliway

Sentry Calming Collar

Feliway Diffuser

Sentry Calming Collar

FELIWAY Classic Diffuser

Helps keep your cat stress and anxiety-free wherever your cat goes

  • The collar is coated with a pheromone powder that slowly disperses when placed on your cat’s neck

  • Can be used Indoors or Outdoors

  • Releases calming pheromones close to a cat’s nose for superior effect.

  • Reduces Aggression

  • Effective for cats who fear loud noises.

  • Safe Breakaway Collar

  • Floral Lavender Chamomile Scent

Helps keep cats calm and it will reduce destructive behavior that can damage your house

  • The liquid pheromone diffuser plugs into an outlet to disperse the pheromone scent

  • Covers an area of 500-700 SQ FT

  • Works indoors by releasing pheromones that will help reduce stress and anxiety in nervous cats.

  • Helps stop scratching and urine spraying in 7 days

  • The Feliway diffuser is refillable

  • Releases Pheromones for up to 30 days

  • Each 48 ml refill will last 60 days


Sentry Calming Collar


Portable Calming Pheromones

The Sentry Calming Pheromone Cat Collar (Buy Online) works well for cats that have behavioral problems that aren’t confined to a specific location. The sentry calming collar will also release a more concentrated dose of pheromones right under your cat’s nose, which ensures a faster reaction to the scent.

The Sentry Cat Calming collar will work indoors or outdoors, so it will even keep your cat calm when they are out on the prowl. It also will help your cat relax when you have to take them to the veterinarian or for any other stressful event.

A calming collar is also very useful if you plan on traveling with a cat in a carrier in your car since the collar will release a steady stream of pheromones that will help your cat relax. The collar can also be a big help if you use it on a rescued cat before you handle them so you don’t get scratched.


Confidence and Security

The Sentry calming collar is perfect for a shy or anxious cat since it releases a reassuring scent that follows them around since it’s right on their neck. This can help make a fearful cat more outgoing, and they will be able to exhibit more confidence so they won’t hide as much to avoid stress.

A Calming collar for cats is also helpful for a cat that startles easily or is afraid of loud noises. Since you can’t be sure where or when a noise might arise a pheromone collar will ensure that your cat is always calm and relaxed.


Fast and Effective

A calming collar for cats will work much faster than a cat pheromone diffuser since it will immediately release pheromones right on their neck. A cat pheromone diffuser, on the other hand, will have to heat up and slowly disperse the pheromones over a large area which can dilute the pheromone’s scent.


Easy to use

The Sentry Calming Collar is very simple to use, and all you’ll have to do is place it around your cat’s neck. A cat pheromone diffuser, on the other hand, will need to be placed in a free outlet in an area that won’t obstruct the release of the pheromone scent.

A cat pheromone collar also won’t use any electricity since the pheromones are released via passive diffusion. That means it won’t add any cost to your power bill, and it won’t have any associated fire risk.



Feliway Diffuser


Reduces Urine Marking and Destructive Scratching

The Feliway Diffuser (Buy Online) is very useful for controlling destructive behaviors that arise with indoor cats. Cat pheromone diffusers will help reduce the urge for a cat to spray and mark their territory, and it can also stop them from vomiting up little surprises all over your house.

The calming scent of feline facial pheromones can also help reduce destructive behaviors like scratching furniture. Excessive vertical scratching is a common sign of stress which cat pheromones can help address. However, scratching is still a normal feline behavior, so you still might want to consider getting your cat a scratching post to help them relieve stress.


Reduce Conflicts and Fighting

The Feliway diffuser can help reduce fighting and conflicts in a house with multiple cats. Sometimes a cat will become very territorial and they will attack any other cat that crosses their path. A cat pheromone diffuser can help reduce this tension by releasing a calming scent into the room to help reduce the risk of a conflict getting out of hand.


Ease of use

A cat pheromone diffuser is very easy to install as long as you have a free unobstructed electrical outlet. They also work in rooms as large as 500 to 700 SQ FT, so you only need one to cover a large area with a cat calming scent.

It’s also very easy to add a few cat calming diffusers throughout your house since you can put them in any room that has a free outlet. You can also get refills for the Feliway diffuser and they even come in 2-packs or 4-packs if you want to stock up and buy them in bulk.


Multiple Cats

Feliway Animal Health Multicat Feliway Refill (3 Pack)

Feliway also makes a cat pheromone diffuser that works better in houses that have multiple cats. The Feliway MultiCat Diffuser (Buy Online) releases a pheromone that mimics the scent of a mother cat. This scent can help reduce aggression and destructive behaviors more effectively than the regular Feliway diffuser that uses a feline facial pheromone scent.



What to Pick?

For cats that are having problems that aren’t related to a specific location then the Sentry Calming Collar would be your best bet. If, on the other hand, your cat is destroying furniture or marking a certain area in your house then the Feliway diffuser will usually work best in those situations.

If you have a cat that’s getting into fights outside then a cat pheromone collar is the best way to deal with an aggressive outdoor cat. The Sentry calming collar is also very useful when you have to travel with a cat or take your cat to the Vet.



Do Cat Pheromones Work?

Cat Quiz Look

Cat pheromones can be effective on up to 90% of all cats. However, there are some cats that won’t respond to cat pheromone products. So, any expectations you might have should be tempered when using a cat pheromone product since they don’t always work on all cats.

Cat pheromones are a very effective way of controlling a wide range of undesirable behaviors. They have been clinically tested and proven to calm and soothe cats. Pheromone products are based on safe non-toxic chemicals that are naturally secreted by all cats. Synthetic feline pheromones take advantage of this natural signaling molecule to help balance and calm the emotional state of your cat.

Cat pheromones use a synthetic version of either a cat facial pheromone or the pheromones secreted by a mother cat. Feline facial pheromones are commonly released when a cat rubs its cheek against your leg. This is a trusting action that cats do when they feel safe and calm. They then leave behind a pheromone that relaxes them whenever they catch a whiff of that scent.

Mother cats also release a very powerful pheromone that helps calm and soothe her kittens, and it can even help reduce conflicts amongst adult cats. If you’ve tried feline facial pheromones before and they haven’t worked then you might want to try Feliway MultiCat (Buy Online) since it uses the much stronger pheromones secreted by a mother cat.

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