How do Bearded Dragons Drink?

How do Bearded Dragons Drink

Bearded dragons will mostly drink water from a shallow bowl, or they will lick water droplets off moist surfaces. They can also get a good amount of moisture from fruits and leafy green vegetables. The insects they eat can also be a source of water, but in most cases, insects will only contain a minimal amount of moisture.



Bearded Dragon Hydration

Bearded dragons are very well adapted to living in hot dry climates. Water can be very hard to find in their native habitat in the Australian outback. Due to this fact bearded dragons have evolved to retain and utilize water more efficiently than most other reptiles.

In the wild bearded dragons get most of the moisture they need from the vegetation they eat, and from shallow pools of water. That’s why it is important to make sure your bearded dragon always has access to a bowl of water, and you should give them a variety of fruits and vegetables.

In some cases, a bearded dragon will not drink water out of a bowl, or they might even turn their nose up at vegetables. If your bearded dragon is not drinking you might need to use a dripper system, or drip water on their nose to get them to take in a few drops of water. You can also give your bearded dragon a bath in order to entice them to drink a little bit of the bath water.

One common misconception about baths is that bearded dragons can absorb water through their scales, but in reality, their scales act as a very effective moisture barrier. Their thick spiny scales help keep water in their body in order to prevent any moisture loss due to evaporation. This also works both ways since any water that lands on their scales will not be easily absorbed.



How do Bearded Dragons Drink

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Bearded Dragon Water Bowl

Bearded dragons should always have a source of fresh clean drinking water in their habitat. You can either provide them with a simple shallow bowl, or you can get a bearded dragon water fountain.



Exo Terra Water Well Water Dispenser Reservoir

The Exo Terra Water Well Water Dispenser (Buy Online) will provide a constant source of clean fresh drinking water for your bearded dragon. This natural looking water dispenser will blend in perfectly in most bearded dragon habitats. You also won’t have to worry about changing the water as often thanks to the 250 ml reservoir.

The high walls on this water dispenser will prevent any spills, and the walls will also keep any debris from fouling the water. The wide base on this bearded dragon water fountain will also keep it from falling over, which is nice if you have a particularly rambunctious bearded dragon.




Desert Reptile Waterer

The Desert Reptile Waterer (Buy Online) is an affordable water dispenser that will keep your bearded dragon well hydrated. This dispenser has a desert themed base with a clear plastic reservoir. It also comes with a feeding/scooping tool as an added bonus.

This automatic water dispenser has a 200ml capacity and it is made of a durable resin. It measures 4.53” x 5.63” x 3.94”, so it will easily fit in any bearded dragon habitat. The included scoop can also come in handy if you don’t like to touch crickets, or you could use it to clean waste out of the habitat.




Zoo Med Reptile Ramp Bowl

The Zoo Med Reptile Ramp Bowl (Buy Online) is a great bowl to add to a bearded dragon habitat. This bowl holds a good amount of water and it is the perfect depth for a bearded dragon. The bowl also has a nice gentle slope so even juvenile bearded dragons will easily be able to access the water.



Bearded Dragon Water Drippers

If your bearded dragon doesn’t like to drink still or standing water you might need a dripper system. The movement of the water droplets can entice your bearded dragon to drink, and the water will stay cleaner in the dripper systems reservoir.

You should place the outlet of the dripper system over a bowl in order to catch any water. This will keep water from pooling up in the habitat, which you want to prevent in order to avoid any mold or moisture problems. The water dropping in the bowl will also create some sound and motion, which can help encourage your bearded dragon to drink out of the bowl and to catch the droplets.



Magnaturals Reptile Water Dripper Mojave

The Magnaturals Reptile Water Dripper (Buy Online) is a decorative dripper system that can entice your bearded dragon to drink more water. This bearded dragon water dripper system can hold up to 2 cups of water. It also has an adjustable valve so you can control the flow of water.

This dripper system can be mounted to the wall of a habitat so it is out of the way and not taking up valuable floor space. The lightweight design and strong magnets will ensure that it stays put where ever you mount it. The magnets are strong enough to work through a ¼” inch of glass. In addition, the exterior is very easy to keep clean since it is made of polyurethane resin.




Zoo Med The Big Dripper, Gallon

The Zoo Med Big Dripper (Buy Online) is an excellent dripper system for a bearded dragon. The reservoir on this dripper system can hold up to 1 gallon of water. This system also has adjustable valves so you can control the amount of water that is delivered to your bearded dragon.

The main reservoir can be placed outside of the habitat, so it won’t take away any living space from your bearded dragon. This will also make filling the Big Dripper easier since you won’t have to reach into the habitat to fill it up with water.



Misting a Bearded Dragon

Misting a bearded dragon is sometimes the only way to get them to drink a little water. By misting the top of their head and snout you can mimic a rain shower, which can stimulate them to open their mouth and lick the droplets off their face.



Exo Terra Spray Bottle

Exo Terra Mister Bottle

The Exo Terra Spray Bottle (Buy Online) is a great alternative to a regular hand pump spray bottle. This mister can be pumped up by hand to build up the pressure, and then it can be released in a controlled continuous mist without as much effort. The spray nozzle can also be adjusted to put out a fine mist or a more concentrated stream of water.



Can Bearded Dragons Drink Tap Water?

Tap water will need to be treated first before you give it to your bearded dragon. Chemicals like chlorine found in municipal tap water can be harmful to a bearded dragon. For this reason, all tap water should be treated with an appropriate water conditioner before you give it to your bearded dragon.



Zoo Med ReptiSafe Water Conditioner

Adding a little Zoo Med ReptiSafe Water Conditioner (Buy Online) to your tap water will help make it safe for your bearded dragon. This water conditioner removes chlorine and chloramines instantly, In addition, it also helps detoxify heavy metals and other contaminants.




Do Bearded Dragons Like Water?

Do Bearded Dragons Like Water

It might seem like bearded dragons don’t like water, but in reality, they just aren’t that interested in it. In the wild, they have evolved to need very little water, so when we give them constant access to water it can seem a little unnatural.

Although, once you get a bearded dragon used to water they might even enjoy it. Some bearded dragons actually look forward to taking baths, and others will sit around in a bowl full of water.

Just be sure not to leave too much water lying around in their habitat since this can cause excess humidity. High humidity in a bearded dragons habitat can cause mold and other bacteria to grow, which can cause your bearded dragon to become sick or suffer skin conditions.

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