Best Misting System for a Chameleon

There are a few things to consider when selecting the best misting system for a chameleon. If all you want to do is quickly give your Chameleon some water a spray bottle or drip system will usually do the job.

The only downside to this method is that you have to do all the work by hand. While hand spraying is fine when you’re just starting out, the daily routine can become monotonous. And if you want to travel or your daily schedule starts to become a little tight, this could put you and your Chameleon under a lot of undue stress.

Upgrading to an automatic misting system for Chameleon will reduce the amount of work you have to do on a daily basis. And with a misting system, you will be able to rest assured your Chameleons habitat is always at the proper humidity level.


Best Misting System for a Chameleon

REPTI ZOO 10 Liter Reptile Mister/Fogger Terrarium Humidifier
 Exo Terra Monsoon Solo High Pressure Misting SystemExo Terra Monsoon Misting System
 Zoo Med Reptirain Automatic Habitat MisterZoo Med Reptirain Automatic Mister
 MistKing Starter Misting SystemView Price:

 Zoo Med Repti FoggerZoo Med Repti Fogger


Veiled Chameleon Humidity Level

Best Misting System for Chameleon -  Veiled Chameleon Humidity Level
Veiled Chameleon Humidity Level : 40% – 60%

The optimal humidity level for a veiled chameleon is between 40-60% relative humidity. Veiled chameleons can tolerate low humidity levels for brief periods of time, but they require higher levels of humidity in order to drink and to shed their skin.


Panther Chameleon Humidity Level

Panther Chameleon Humidity Level : 50% – 70%

The optimal humidity level for a panther chameleon is between 50 to 70% relative humidity. Panther chameleons are tropical reptiles that naturally live in more humid areas, so they will need a misting system especially if you live in a dry area.


Jackson’s Chameleon Humidity Level

Jackson’s Chameleons Humidity Level : 50% – 65%

Jackson’s Chameleons prefer a humidity level that stays around 50% to 65% (RH) and they like to be kept at temperatures that range from 55 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.



Optimal Chameleon Humidity Level for Shedding

Humidity plays a large role when the time comes for a Chameleon to shed. If the humidity is to low a Chameleon will have a hard time shedding their skin. During the times when your Chameleon is shedding, it’s best to aim for the 60% relative humidity level to make the shedding process easier on your chameleon.


Chameleon Humidity and Hydration

Dripper System (Click to Buy Online)

Chameleons are also one of the few reptiles that prefer to drink water off leaves and other surfaces in their environment. That makes providing a constant supply of mist to a chameleon necessity since in most cases a Chameleon won’t drink water out of a bowl.




Best Reptile Misting Systems




Exo Terra Monsoon Solo High-Pressure Misting System

Exo Terra Monsoon Solo High Pressure Misting System

The Exo Terra Monsoon Solo High-Pressure Misting System (Buy Online) is a programmable high capacity reptile misting system. This misting system comes with two misting nozzles, but it is upgradable to six nozzles which is perfect for multiple or larger habitats.

Another nice feature of the Exo Terra Monsoon is the variable spray duration. The system can be programmed to spray a fine mist for 2 seconds all the way up to 2 minutes. The shorter spray duration is perfect for Chameleons since their humidity requirements tend to be a little less than other reptiles.

The Exo Terra Monsoon can also be kept out of the way in a cabinet or any other discrete location. This is thanks to the long flexible tubing that can be snaked into the habitat while the reservoir is kept neatly out of sight. If you are looking for a beginner friendly easy to install misting system, the Exo Terra Monsoon is one of the most full-featured consumer grade misting systems on the market.



Zoo Med Reptirain Automatic Habitat Mister

Zoo Med Reptirain Automatic Habitat Mister

The Zoo Med Reptirain Automatic Habitat Mister (Buy Online) is a cost-effective entry-level programmable misting system. The Zoo Med Reptirain comes with one fixed misting nozzle on the main unit, and two misting nozzles connected to flexible tubing. The fixed nozzle can be aimed into a Chameleons habitat through the screen or the remote nozzles can easily be routed into the habitat.

One very unique feature of the Reptirain system is that it can run off AC or DC power. This means you can either plug it into a wall outlet or power it using 4 C batteries. The option to run the system using batteries could definitely be a lifesaver during a prolonged power outage. But for the most part, the included 6 watt AC adapter will be the most convenient way to power the system.

The Reptirain automatic mister for chameleons can be programmed with four spray intervals and four spray duration’s. The spray intervals can be set for every 1, 3, 6 or 12 hours. While the spray duration’s can be programmed to mist the habitat for 15, 30, 45 or 60 seconds at a time.

The Zoo Med Reptirain can be mounted to a Chameleons habitat with suction cups or the included hooks. The hooks are perfect for Chameleon habitats since they tend to have screens on all sides, but if there is a glass surface the suction cups will provide even greater stability for the unit. And to top it all off the system is totally portable and is rated for indoor and outdoor use.



Zoo Med Repti Fogger

Zoo Med Repti Fogger

If you are looking for an ultrasonic misting system the Zoo Med Repti Fogger (Buy Online) is the best humidifier for chameleons. The Repti Fogger system disperses a fine mist using a single wide diameter output hose. The collapsible output hose will deliver the ultra-fine mist, and the hose is expandable and can be bent into a wide range of positions.

The ultrasonic transducer is the real stand out feature of the system. Ultrasonics allow for a very fine mist to be produced which is perfect for providing humidity and ambiance to a Chameleons habitat. Not only is the fine mist more effective at increasing humidity levels, it will also reduce the occurrence of pooling water on the floor of a Chameleons habitat.

The Repti Fogger can be left on the low setting all day to provide a steady and even humidity level. Or you can turn the system up to maximum to provide a good dose of water for your Chameleon and any of your plants. That makes the Repti Fogger perfect for small Chameleon setups where pooling can become a problem. And it is also perfect for extremely dry areas where providing constant humidity can be a big benefit to a Chameleons health.



MistKing Starter Misting System V4.0

MistKing Starter Misting System V4.0

The MistKing Starter Misting System (Buy Online) is a high-quality professional system designed to handle almost any kind of setup. This misting system for chameleons comes with one misting nozzle but it is capable of running up to 10 nozzles making it perfect for multiple habitats or very large enclosures.

MistKing Systems are well suited for experienced reptile owners who don’t mind doing a little DIY work on their habitats. One of these DIY tasks will be buying a bucket from a hardware store to use as a reservoir. The bucket will then have to have a hole drilled into it, so the pump can be mounted using the supplied bulkhead. If your the type of person who likes to have a professional level custom setup, a MistKing System will be right up your alley.

The MistKing system comes with one of the most advanced misting controllers available. The ST-24 misting controller can be programmed with up to 10 separate events. Events can be set at intervals of hours, days or even weeks. And each event can be set to run from one second all the way up to minutes or even hours if you like. The controller also comes with a built-in battery to make sure no settings are ever lost in the event of a power outage.


The parts included in the starter system include a 24V DC misting pump with a power adapter. 1 Misting Assembly with a nozzle that is capable of producing 50-micron droplets. A Reservoir bulkhead O-Ring for mounting the pump to the reservoir bucket. There is also 15 feet of 1/4” black tubing along with 5 tubing clips for easy mounting. And a complete reference manual to walk you through installing and maintaining a MistKing misting system.



MistKing Ultimate Value Misting System V4.0

MistKing Ultimate Value Misting System V4.0

The MistKing Ultimate Value Misting System (Buy Online) is similar to the starter system above, but it is made to run setups with up to 20 nozzles. The MistKing Ultimate System is perfect if you have a lot of habitats or you require some serious misting power. The pump has also been upgraded for the Ultimate System, and it is so durable it will even run dry without suffering any damage. This system is so strong and reliable it is frequently used in zoos and large botanical gardens.

MistKing Ultimate Value Misting System

The parts included in the MistKing Ultimate Value Misting System include the upgraded 24V DC Misting pump. The same ST-24 misting controller as the starter system is also part of this package. Three T misting assemblies with nozzles capable of producing a 50-micron droplet spray. A Reservoir bulkhead O-Ring for mounting the pump to the reservoir bucket. And 25 feet of 1/4” black tubing along with 10 tubing clips for easy mounting. A tubing cutter with T connectors is also part of this kit if you need to split the tubing. The MistKing misting systems for chameleons also comes with  detailed reference manual that helps make the installation process much easier.





How to Keep Humidity up in Chameleon Cage

Besides a misting system, you could go with the tried and true method of using a spray bottle (Buy Online). This will allow you to more accurately control the amount of moisture in your chameleon’s habitat. The only downside to this is that your chameleon is totally dependent on you for moisture.

Aqueon Aquatic Flat Heater, 15 Watts

Another simple trick is to leave a small fish tank heater in a bowl of water. The heat will cause the water to evaporate, which will elevate the amount of moisture in the air to the optimal chameleon humidity level. This method is also a little more foolproof than a misting system since there are no moving parts or spray nozzles.

You might also want to keep your chameleons cage in an area of the house that stays at an elevated humidity level.

Some good places in a house are in a basement or near a bathroom. Basements tend to have higher humidity levels especially in the summer, and that makes them the perfect place to keep a chameleon as long as you can keep the temperature stable.

A bathroom where people take showers throughout the day can also be a unique place to keep a chameleon, or you can keep them right outside the door so they can benefit from the moisture that escapes the bathroom.

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