Best Dog House for Winter

Best Dog House for Winter

Giving your dog a place to stay warm and comfortable when they are outside during the winter can seem like a big challenge. But there are winter dog houses available that can meet the needs of most dogs both big and small. Getting a high quality dog house made to handle the winter can be a very smart idea. Whether you plan to keep your dog outside all day, or just for limited periods of time, they will appreciate having a warm place to stay.

Best Dog House for Winter

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 asl dog palace  ASL Solutions Insulated Dog Palace
  Hunter Insulated Dog House  ASL Solutions DP Hunter Insulated Dog House
 Indigo Dog House  X-Large Indigo Dog House

Winter Dog House


The first and most important reason to get a dog house, that is designed to handle the winter is to keep your dog warm. Most ordinary dog houses lack insulation, while a good dog house made for winter will have adequate insulation incorporated in to its design. Having insulation in a dog house is vital in order to retain heat, so your dog can keep warm when they seek shelter inside their dog house. Insulation can keep the inside temperature of a well designed dog house about ten to fifteen degrees warmer than the outside air.

Another important thing to consider when selecting a insulated dog house is size. Even though we all would like to give our dog the biggest dog house possible, selecting a properly sized insulated dog house is very important. If you pick an insulated dog house that is too large for your dog, their body heat or any other supplemental heating may never be able to keep the interior warm. If on the other hand you do have a large dog, then by all means get a large dog house, since their body will produce enough heat to keep the dog house nice and warm.

Keep Dry

Making sure a dog stays dry when they are outside in the cold is very important. If a dog gets wet in freezing temperatures, it can cause them to lose body heat at a very fast rate. This is where a dog house made to handle winter weather can be really helpful. Since an insulated dog house has to be relatively air tight to begin with, they also tend to be much more waterproof than a standard dog house. The only major entry point for water will be the door, and most good winter dog houses have doors made to protect against water infiltration.

It can’t be over emphasized how important it is to keep a dog dry in the winter. Not only can being wet lead to heat loss, it may also lead to other potential health problems. One major concern is if a dog gets wet in freezing conditions, they will be much more susceptible to frost bite. The possibility of suffering frost bite will be magnified if the dog has ice actually forming on their skin. For this and other reasons keeping your dog from getting wet is one of the best things you can do for them in the winter.


The wind can also make winter much harder to tolerate for your dog, by stripping their body of much needed heat. Just like humans know how bad wind chill can be, it can also be a problem for dogs. A strong wind can make a dogs natural insulation which is their fur less efficient at retaining heat. A well sealed dog house will keep any drafts to a minimum, and allow a dog to stay comfortable even when the wind is howling outside.

Even dogs with thick coats can become chilled when a cold wind is blowing. The way dogs and most animals with a lot of hair stay warm, is by trapping heat in the air pockets in their fur. If a strong wind is blowing, it can cause a dog to lose the trapped heat inside their fur. And short hair dogs have even less ability to handle cold windy conditions, since their fur can only protect them a very limited amount int the first place. Most dogs will love having a dog house to stay out of very windy weather if it’s freezing out or even if it’s just starting to get cold.

Feel Safe

Something that can be just as important as staying warm in the winter, is the sense of security a dog house can provide. Even in nice weather a dog house can be a nice place for your dog to feel safe. And in the winter when the wind is blowing, and blizzards are laying down feet of snow, a dog house can be the only refuge for a dog in such harsh weather.


Winter Dog House Reviews


ASL Solutions Insulated Dog Houses

ASL dog palace

ASL Solutions Insulated Dog Houses are made of very durable plastic, the same kind used in the construction of outdoor playgrounds. All ASL Dog houses are well insulated with 4 inches of foam in each panel. Another very nice feature of the ASL dog house is the self closing door.

The self closing door is made of the same four inch thick insulated paneling as the rest of the dog house. Which means the door will not become a major source of heat loss. The door will also keep any rain out of the dog house, which should give your dog a nice dry place to stay during the winter. All a dog needs to do when they want to come in or out of the dog house, is to push the door with their nose and it will easily open.

The ASL Insulated Dog Houses are very simple to clean. One thing that can make clean up a breeze is the internal drain holes. All you have to do to clean up a mess, is hose out the dog house and the water will quickly drain out of the structure.

The ASL insulated dog houses also come with self stowing windows. Which allows the dog house to be opened up in the summer months for better ventilation. And if you want to add a heating pad, a built in access port to run a cord into the dog house is already conveniently incorporated into the structure.


ASL Solutions Insulated Dog Houses come in two sizes. The Hunter Dog House is made for smaller dogs and the Dog Palace is the large version for medium to large dogs.


ASL Solutions Insulated Dog Palace

asl dog palace

The ASL Solutions Insulated Dog Palace is made for medium to large dogs. The dimensions of the Dog Palace are 31.5” Width 38.5” Length 38.5 Height. And the weight of the Dog Palace is 55 pounds


ASL Solutions DP Hunter Insulated Dog House

 Hunter Insulated Dog House

The ASL Solutions DP Hunter Insulated Dog House is made for small dogs. The dimensions of the DP Hunter Insulated Dog House are 23.25” Width 14.75” Length 14.75 Height. And the weight of the DP Hunter Insulated Dog House is 25 pounds

  • Excellent Insulation
  • Self Closing Door
  • Ventilation
  • Easy to Clean
  • Insulation Settles

Indigo Dog House

Indigo Dog House

The Indigo Dog House line of dog houses are some of the best insulated dog houses for use in the winter. These dog houses are built to last and will handle any kind of weather. Indigo dog houses are made of durable structural foam. By utilizing foam in their construction they can provide superior insulation in hot or cold climates.

Indigo dog houses can also be easily assembled in very little time without using any tools. And they are sealed with Microban to prevent mold and bacteria from growing on the outside or on the inside of the dog house.

Indigo dog houses also feature an extended front entrance in order to keep wind and rain out of the inside of the dog house. The extended doorway is a key feature other comparable igloo style dog houses lack. Every Indigo dog house comes with an adjustable vent located at the top of the structure. The vent can either be totally closed in winter weather or left open when the warm weather returns.


Large Indigo Dog House

The Large Indigo Dog House is designed for medium sized dogs. The large dog house dimensions are 43.75” Deep 25.75 High 34” Wide. And the whole dog house only weighs 11 pounds.


X-Large Indigo Dog House

The X-Large Indigo Dog House is designed for large dogs. The X-Large dog house dimensions are 51.5” Deep 30 High 39” Wide. And the whole dog house only weighs 16.75 pounds.


  • Superior Insulation
  • Mold Resistant
  • Ventilation
  • Light Weight
  • Extended Door
  • No Small Version

Winter Dog House Accessories

While a well insulated dog house can be enough protection for a dog during the winter. There are other things you can add to a dog house to make the winter weather more bearable.

Heated Mat/Pad

Adding a heated mat or pad to a well insulated dog house will make your dog even more comfortable in very cold weather. Even if a heated pad can only increase the internal temperature of the dog house a small amount. The real benefit of a heated pad is that it can transfer heat into a dogs body when they lay on the pad. This conductive heat transfer will help maintain the dogs body temperature, and keep their bones from getting stiff and sore. If there is one thing that every dog house needs during the winter it’s a heated pad.

Heated Bowls

If you plan on leaving your dog outside during the winter for long periods of time, you will need a heated bowl to keep their water warm. You might think a dog needs less water in the winter, but the opposite is actually true. Freezing temperatures can actually make the air much dryer, causing your dog to lose more moisture through their body and breath. A good solution for this is a heated water bowl. Having a heated water bowl near the dog house will give you peace of mind that your dog is properly hydrated, even in the worst winter weather.


Heating Pads and Bowls

ASL Solutions Dog House Floor Heater

ASL Solutions Dog House Floor Heater

The ASL Solutions Dog House Floor Heater is made for times when temperatures drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit for sustained periods of time. The pad is water resistant and is designed for use inside a dog house. This heating pad is made by the same company ASL that makes the dog houses mentioned above. Because of this it is a perfect drop in addition for an ASL dog house, but it can be used in any other appropriately sized dog house.

K&H Lectro Igloo-Style Heated Pad

K&H Lectro Igloo-Style Heated Pad

The K&H Lectro Igloo-Style Heated Pad is custom made to fit igloo style dog houses. The curved design makes for a perfect fit in Indigo or Dogloo dog houses. The heating pad is made to cover half the floor of a igloo-style dog house The pad is made this way to ensure it does not lose heat to the door. The heating pad will maintain a consistent temperature of 102 degrees Fahrenheit using a built in thermostat. The pad is made of ABS plastic which makes it very durable. Yet it is still very comfortable since it comes with an included fleece wrap.

K&H Thermal Heated Dog Bowl

K&H Thermal Heated Dog Bowl

If you need to keep your dogs water out in freezing conditions the K&H Thermal Heated Dog Bowl will do the job. This heated bowl is very energy efficient drawing only 25 watts of power. And all the electronics are safely sealed inside this very durable bowl.



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