Cat Calming Products Review

Cat Calming Products Review

Cat calming products can be a very effective way of controlling a wide range of undesired behaviors. The most effective and clinically tested products use synthetic cat facial pheromones. Pheromones are safe and non toxic chemicals secreted by almost all animals, and once released are readily dissipated into the surrounding air. The main reason animals emit pheromones is to signal to other members of their species claims to territory, or information about their health and emotional state.

To understand how cat calming products that use synthetic cat facial pheromones work. You can think about how your cat feels when it rubs its cheek against you. This action is a calm trusting action, that cats only do when they feel secure and trust the person or thing they are rubbing up against. Whether they are rubbing up against a human, a cat or any other object they are releasing a specific pheromone in the process. That pheromone signals to them that what ever smells like the pheromone is safe.

Scientists have been able to isolate and synthesize feline facial pheromones, making them readily available for use in a wide range of products. The behaviors these products are designed to control cover the most commonly encountered problems caused by most cats. Here are some of the behaviors that cat calming products can help manage

  • Scratching

  • Marking Territory (Spraying)

  • Fighting

  • Hiding

  • Urinating Outside the Litter Box

  • Fear of the Veterinarian


While feline facial pheromones can be effective on up to 90 percent of all cats. There are some cats that don’t respond at all to these products. Any expectations when using a cat calming product should be tempered by this information.


Cat Calming Product Reviews



Comfort Zone Diffuser Review

Cat Calming Products Review

The Comfort Zone Diffuser operates similar to a plug in air freshener but releases a scent undetectable to humans. The diffuser works great for cats that are having issues related to a single room or location in the house. For example if your cat is afraid to come into a room the diffuser will reassure them that the area is safe to enter.

If instead you have cats fighting over a certain territory. The diffuser will create a calming atmosphere, which can help prevent any excessive aggression. Another problem the Comfort Zone diffuser is well suited for is if a cat is not using the litter box. Sometimes cats won’t use the litter box because they are afraid of the area it is located in. By placing the diffuser in the same room as the litter box. It will help calm the cat and increase the chance they will use the litter box, instead of doing their business elsewhere.

The Comfort Zone Diffuser is well suited to correct behaviors that occur over a large area, where more targeted treatments would be ineffective.

  • Covers Whole Rooms
  • Very Effective Dispersal
  • No Odor
  • Refills
  • Only Works Indoors



Comfort Zone Spray Review

Cat Calming Products Review

Comfort Zone Spray works best as a spot treatment, which makes it a good choice for controlling very localized undesirable behavior. If a cat is scratching up a piece of furniture, you can spray the area they tend to focus on to deter further scratching. Another good way to use the spray is if a cat tends to mark the same location over and over again. To stop a cat from marking territory like that, you can use Comfort Zone spray on that spot to prevent the cat from doing it again.

The spray can also be used to calm a fearful cat when they are being transported. This is especially useful when taking a scared or aggressive cat to the veterinarian. If you use a cat carrier you can spray the interior before placing your cat inside, this will make the trip far less stressful for the cat. The spray really does work great when traveling with a cat, along with the added benefit of correcting any localized problems once you arrive at your destination.

  • Controls Scratching
  • Great for Travel
  • Stops Marking
  • Not for Large Areas



Sentry Calming Pheromone Cat Collar Review

Cat Calming Products Review

The Sentry Calming Pheromone Cat Collar works well when a cat has behavioral issues that don’t happen in any specific location. A good example is a extremely fearful cat that won’t go in any room or trust anyone. In this case using diffusers would be overkill just to cover the entire house, and sprays would only help in a very small area. With a collar a fearful cat can carry his courage around with him, so he can feel comfortable where ever he goes.

The Calming Collar can also take the edge off aggressive cats that might be causing fights. A very good use of the collar is on outdoor cats, since they tend to get into fights when they are not under your control. The collar has an effective life of up to 30 days. So even if you have a cat that disappears for days on end, you know they will at least be influenced by the pheromones while out on the prowl. The Calming Collar is best for problems that need to be addressed at all times and in all locations.

  • Always the on Cat
  • Works Outdoors
  • Long Lasting
  • Not for Localized Problems


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