Best Saltwater Fish for 75 Gallon Tank

Best Saltwater Fish for 75 Gallon Tank

If you are looking for the best saltwater fish for a 75 gallon tank, then you’re in luck since you can get a wide variety of fish for your aquarium. A 75 gallon tank is big enough to keep a few large showpiece fish,

You could even get a school of smaller fish to really add a lot of life and movement to your aquarium. Whichever route you take you’re sure to find some great stocking ideas for your tank in the following article.

Best Saltwater Fish for 75 Gallon Tank



Antenneta Lionfish

Best Saltwater Fish for 75 Gallon Tank - Antenneta Lionfish - Christian Mehlführer CC-BY 2.5
Christian Mehlführer CC BY-SA 2.5

The Antenneta Lionfish (Buy Online) is one of the most elegant semi-aggressive fish you can add to a 75 gallon aquarium. Out of all the Lionfish the Antenneta Lionfish is perfectly suited for life in a medium to a large aquarium. In addition, the Antenneta Lionfish will only reach a maximum adult size of 7-inches, and they are a little less aggressive than some of their larger relatives.

The Antenneta Lionfish is easy to care for, and it will readily eat foods like live shrimp, live fish, and the flesh of crustaceans. Since they will eat other fish they should be kept in a tank with larger fish, or any fish that they can’t fit in their mouth and swallow. You should also be aware that their dorsal, pelvic, and anal fins are all venomous, and they can cause serious pain if you come into contact with them.

The minimum recommended tank size for a Antenneta Lionfish is 50 gallons. They will also need plenty of hiding spaces since they will be a little timid when they are first introduced into a new environment. Then when they finally settle in and get comfortable they will be more outgoing and put on a beautiful display inside your aquarium.




Yellow Tang

Best Saltwater Fish for 75 Gallon Tank - Yellow TangThe Yellow Tang (Buy Online) is one of the most recognizable and popular saltwater fish you can add to an aquarium. With its wide flat body and rich vibrant color, the yellow tang is sure to be the center of attention. The Yellow Tang is also a very active swimmer that is a joy to watch since they bring a lot of life and personality to any aquarium.

They are relatively easy fish to keep, and they will eat a diet of meaty fish, seaweed and algae. In order to keep them healthy and active, you should offer them seaweed at least 3 times a week, and they will also do well in an established aquarium that has some algae.

The Yellow Tang can be an aggressive territorial fish especially with other tangs, and they might even harass fish that are a similar color. For that reason you should only keep one tang in a tank, and if you do plan on keeping multiple tangs in the same tank they should be introduced at the same time to help limit aggression.

A 75 gallon tank should have enough room for a Yellow Tang as long as it provides them with enough swimming space. If your tank has lots of rocks or other obstructions then it might limit their ability to swim around and burn off their boundless energy. In most cases, this won’t be an issue while they are still young, but as they reach their full adult size of 8-inches then you might need to move them to a larger aquarium.




Lunare Wrasse

Best Saltwater Fish for 75 Gallon Tank - Lunare Wrasse

The Lunare Wrasse (Buy Online) is a great saltwater aquarium fish for beginners. The Lunare Wrasse is one of the most colorful fish with its yellow fins and vibrant blue green body. They also will get more beautiful with age as the markings on their face and body will start to get brighter and more striking.

The Lunare Wrasse aren’t really recommended for reef tanks since they tend to be aggressive foragers. This can lead to them knocking over rocks and bumping into corals. They won’t eat corals in most cases, but their constant search for food can stress or damage the coral.

They will eat invertebrates like shrimp and snails, so they shouldn’t be kept with any invertebrates that they can easily swallow. Lunare Wrasse do eat pests like bristle worms though, so if you do have an invertebrate infestation they can be a big help in those situations.

The Lunare Wrasse should be kept in a tank that holds 75 gallons at a minimum, and the tank should have a tight fitting lid since they are well-known escape artists. They also will reach a maximum adult size of 10-inches, so they should only be housed with other large fish that can’t easily be eaten.




Copperband Butterfly

The Copperband Butterfly (Buy Online) is a peaceful saltwater aquarium fish that will make a great addition to a community aquarium. With its long nose and graceful body, the Copperband Butterfly is one of the most unique butterfly fish on the market. They are also extremely peaceful fish that will do well with other fish with a similar temperament.

The Copperband Butterfly will get along with most fish, but they can easily become stressed, so care should be taken when choosing suitable tank mates for them to live with. They will pick at some invertebrates like anemones and feather dusters, and some might even take a nip at LPS corals.

Their long nose is specially adapted to find food in tight crevices. This makes them great at controlling aiptasia or other small pests that most fish would have a hard time reaching. They are also a very delicate feeder, so they won’t disturb your rock work or corals while they are foraging. They can be a little difficult to feed though since they are shy and they eat very slowly.

The Copperband Butterfly will need to be housed in a tank that holds at least 70 gallons, and they will need a good amount of hiding places and space to swim in. These fish are best kept by experts since they are relatively difficult to feed, and they are little more susceptible to diseases.




Bicolor Angelfish

Best Saltwater Fish for a 75 Gallon Tank - Bicolor Angel

The Bicolor Angelfish (Buy Online) is one of the most beautiful dwarf Angelfish you can add to a saltwater fish aquarium. They are also known as the Oriole Angelfish or the Two-Colored Angelfish. They have a bright yellow head which sharply transitions to dark blue towards the center of their body, and then finally their tail has a translucent yellow color.

The Bicolor Angelfish is generally not considered reef safe since they can pick at corals. This can happen when they get hungry or there is not enough algae in the tank for them to graze on. Some people have luck keeping them in a reef tank, but in most cases, they are more suited for a FOWLR system.

Since the Bicolor Angelfish is a relatively small fish they can be kept in tanks as small as 50-gallons. They do like to have a lot of swimming space though, so a 75-gallon tank is recommended. They tend to reach a maximum adult size of 6-inches, and the feed mainly on algae and spirulina.




How Many Clownfish in a 75 Gallon Tank?

How many clownfish in a 75 gallon tank

Clownfish (Buy Online) can be relatively territorial, so you should be careful if you plan to keep more than a pair of them. As long as you provide them with their own anemones to host in you should be able to keep 10 to 15 Clownfish in a 75-gallon tank.

It’s best to introduce the Clownfish when they are young since it can help reduce conflicts, and they will be more used to living with other Clownfish in their territory. Just keep an eye out for aggressive behavior, and if there are any fights you might want to isolate any Clownfish that is causing problems.




75 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium Starter Kit



Innovative Marine Nuvo 75 Gallon EXT External Overflow Aquarium and APS Aluminum Profile Series Stand

The Innovative Marine Nuvo 75 Gallon EXT Kit (Buy Online) comes with everything you need to start a thriving saltwater ecosystem. This 75-Gallon tank measures 35.4” x 23.6” x 19.7”, and it comes with a stand that measures 35.68” x 23.5” x 35.81”.

The Innovative Marine Nuvo 75 Gallon EXT comes with three 1-inch pre-drilled holes that lead into the internal overflow. And it has two 3/4-inch pre-drilled holes that for the return plumbing.

All the plumbing you need also comes included in the kit. You get two 3/4” LOC-Line hoses with dual flare nozzles for the return. One primary drain assembly for the overflow, and one secondary E-Drain assembly.

The stand that comes with this kit is extremely durable since it is made of anodized aluminum. The stand is corrosion resistant, and it won’t warp or swell if water splashes on it. It’s also very easy to set up since it has a modular frame that can be quickly assembled in less than 30 minutes.

If you’re in the market for a 75 gallon tank kit you can’t go wrong with the Innovative Marine Nuvo. It’s made by one of the leading aquarium manufactures in the industry, and it comes with a 6-month limited warranty.

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