Best Pet Camera for Cats

Best Pet Camera for Cats

Do you have a cat? Are you concerned about them when they are home alone or roaming around outside? Fret no more, because we’re going to help you find the best pet camera for cats.

Best Pet Camera for Cats

Petcube Play 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera with Laser Toy
TENVIS Home Camera, FHD Pet Camera, Sound/Motion Detection
Pet Camera, VSTARCAM Cat Camera with Laser Wireless Cat Camera
SKYMEE Owl Robot: Mobile Full HD Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser
Vmotal Pet Camera with Automatic Cat Feeder Full HD Video with Night Vision
Uncle Milton – Cat Collar Camera



Best Pet Camera for Cats



Petcube Play 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera with Laser Toy & Alexa Built-In, for Cats

The Petcube Play 2 (Buy Online) features a laser toy and two-way audio so you can see and speak to your cat throughout the day. It also has an extended 160° full-room view for better coverage as well as night vision so you can see what your cat is up to at all hours of the day (or night).

With the Petcube Play 2, you can keep an eye on your furry friend when they are home alone or play some laser chase games with them remotely to keep them physically active and mentally engaged.

The Petcube Play 2 is also a great way for grown children who live far away to stay up-to-date with the activities of their pets.

In addition, this camera can be controlled using a smartphone app from anywhere in the world, so you can keep an eye on your cat if you ever need to go on vacation and leave your cat alone for a few days.



TENVIS Home Camera, FHD Pet Camera Video Surveillance System, Sound/Motion Detection

The TENVIS Cat Camera (Buy Online) is one of the best pet cameras for cats on the market. It has advanced technology that allows it to connect easily and quickly, with no installation required. This camera also has an instant motion detection alarm, auto night vision mode, high definition resolution of 1080p and it’s capable of 355° horizontal rotation.

The TENVIS Pet Camera is the best way to keep an eye on your pets while you’re away. It’s easy to set up and use, so it doesn’t matter if you’re not a techie since it’s pretty much ready to go right out of the box.

The TENVIS Pet Camera even lets you control all aspects of the camera through the app. And the camera also has night vision, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to see what’s going on with your cat in low light conditions.

The TENVIS Home Camera can also detect movement in real-time, and it has two-way audio so you can communicate with your cat, which will allow you to be there for your cat even when you’re away.



Security Camera Indoor 1080p WiFi Camera (2.4G Only) 360 Degree View Smart Camera with Night Vision

The Imou Indoor WiFi Camera (Buy Online) is an all-in-one pet camera solution that you can use to monitor your cat. It’s a high-quality 1080P HD camera with night vision, so you can see everything in crystal clear detail day or night.

This camera also has motion detection, sound detection, two-way audio, and video recording capabilities.

The Imou Security Camera Indoor 1080p WiFi Camera will make sure that you never miss a moment of what’s happening with your cat

With its easy setup process and user-friendly app, anyone can get started using this device right away without any trouble at all.

Plus, this camera features advanced encryption technology which ensures that every bit of data sent through the internet is protected from prying eyes.



Pet Camera, VSTARCAM Cat Camera with Laser Wireless Cat Camera

The VstarCam (Buy Online) works as both a remote control laser toy and a wireless pet monitor with 1080p HD video quality, two-way audio, and night vision that works up to 10 meters in pitch dark. It also supports 24 hours video recording if you want to record your cat’s activities when you are not at home.

VstarCam allows you to remotely control the rotation of its built-in laser toy via mobile phone so you can play with your cat even when you are not around.

The VstarCam features a 355° horizontal & 120° vertical rotation range that provides a wide viewing angle, which means that no matter where your cat goes, whether it is hiding behind furniture or sitting on top of a bookshelf, this kitty cam will always be able to see everything.

Overall, the VstarCam is the perfect solution for anyone who wants an affordable way to keep an eye on their cat and play with them while they’re away from home.



Pet Camera, Conico Security Camera 1080P HD with Sound Motion Detection

The Conico Pet Camera (Buy Online) has a ton of features that will make it easy for you to keep an eye on your cats. You’ll be able to see them in clear HD video and hear their sounds with the built-in mic and speaker.

Plus, if your cat gets up to any mischief while you’re away, the motion detection will alert you so that nothing is missed. And because this camera works with Amazon Alexa, all it takes is one voice command to see a live feed of your furry friend on any device.

With this camera, there’s no need to worry about whether or not your pet is safe at home while you’re out running errands or working late hours – just open up the App to put your mind at rest.

This high-quality night vision camera also has sound detection capabilities, this device lets owners feel confident that their pets are getting plenty of attention even when they can’t be there themselves. And since it connects via WiFi instead of cables or wires like other cameras do, installation couldn’t be easier. All in all, this camera offers a solid set of features for a price that won’t break the bank.



Cat Camera Toy


AJK Smart Pet Camera Treat Dispenser 1080P Night Vision for Cats

The AJK Smart Pet Camera Treat Dispenser (Buy Online) is the perfect solution if you have a lazy cat that lays around all day. Since it’s an interactive toy and cat camera all in one. Your pets will love chasing after this RC car, and it even lets you dispense treats remotely to keep them fully mentally engaged and entertained.

This cat camera toy has everything you need to make sure your pet never gets bored again. With this remote control cat camera toy, it’s easy to dispense treats remotely while watching them through the app. And don’t worry about missing out on any important moments – there’s a microphone built-in so you can hear everything too.

Click here now to purchase the AJK Smart Pet Camera Treat Dispenser. You won’t regret it because it’s a great way to give your pets hours of fun without having to leave home yourself. They’ll thank you for giving them something new and exciting to play with while you are away.



SKYMEE Owl Robot: Mobile Full HD Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

The SKYMEE Owl Robot (Buy Online) is the best way to keep an eye on your cats when they are home alone. This remote-controlled cat toy will make sure that both parents and kids get plenty of quality time with their furry friends no matter where they are in the world.

This remote-controlled mobile full HD pet camera can be controlled by either an iPhone or Android App. And if you have multiple family members that want to play with and watch your cats, no worries – this device lets up to 8 people log in and watch your cats at once.

The SKYMEE Owl Robot even has a treat dispenser that you can use to dispense standard-size cat kibble or cat dental treats. It also features a 2-way audio system, you’ll never miss another meow again.

Overall, the SKYMEE Owl Robot is one of the best pet camera treat dispenser toys that’s sure to make playtime even more exciting for your little fur babies.



Outdoor Cat Camera



Wireless WiFi Security Camera for Outdoor/Home Battery Powered, 1080P Video/Color Night Vision/AI Motion Detection

The DCT Wireless Security Camera (Buy Online) offers a simple solution for people looking to watch their cat outdoors without spending a fortune. This battery-powered WiFi outdoor camera is easy to install, with no wires necessary. Simply attach it to any wall or ceiling using the included mount and connected it to your wireless network.

The video feed will be sent directly from your home WiFi network allowing you to view live video from anywhere in the world via your smartphone or tablet (iOS/Android).



Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro

The Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro (Buy Online) is a smart security camera that works around the clock to keep you informed about what’s happening on your property – even in the dark or when there are motion events beyond its floodlights.

With this advanced outdoor camera, you get 24/7 continuous video surveillance and two-way talk capability from anywhere using your smartphone. It also includes an integrated 110 decibel siren for deterring unwanted animals from entering your yard.



TOGUARD 4K Native WiFi Trail Camera – 30MP

The TOGUARD 4K Outdoor Camera (Buy Online) is an affordable way to stay connected with your outdoor cats no matter where they roam. We know that many cat owners have trouble keeping track of their cats, especially if they live outside. Cats can go missing for days at a time and this is very upsetting. It is also hard to tell what your cat has been up to when it comes back from its adventures.

The TOGUARD 4K Native WiFi Trail Camera can help you monitor your cat from anywhere with an internet connection. This camera lets you take full advantage of the best features of a trail camera, including its superior picture quality and night vision capabilities, so you can get a picture of even the most elusive and sneaky cats.



Cat Camera Feeder



Vmotal Pet Camera with Automatic Cat Feeder Full HD Video with Night Vision

The Vmotal Pet Camera with Automatic Cat Feeder (Buy Online) is a smart pet feeder camera with an automatic food dispenser for cats & dogs (pet food not included) that lets you know exactly when your pets are eating so that you can be confident they’re getting proper nutrition throughout the day. This smart cat feeder also includes two-way audio so that you can interact with your pet while he eats as well as night vision infrared LED lights for monitoring 24/7. Finally, this device allows for video recording and sharing on E-Mail, Text Messages, and social media sites.



Pet Camera Treat Dispenser



Furbo Treat Tossing Cam

The Furbo Treat Tossing Camera (Buy Online) streams live HD video and 2-way audio so that you can see and talk to your pet when you’re away from home. Best of all, it tosses treats too. Set up takes just 3 simple steps with no wires or complicated installation process. Your cat will go nuts for this smart new way to play together and it’s a great way to feed them their daily allotment of cat dental treats when you are at work all day.



Petzi Treat Cam

The Petzi Treat Cam (Buy Online) allows pet owners to see, talk and dispense treats from anywhere. This camera feeder for cats is simple to set up and use so that you can check on your furry friend when you’re away.

With the Petzi Treat Cam, you can easily say hello to your pet while they are home alone or give them a treat without having to get out of bed. The one-way audio lets you hear what’s going on in real-time, while also allowing your pet to be heard by someone who might be available if something goes wrong.

The Petzi Treat Cam perfect for busy families who need peace of mind knowing that their pets are taken care of even when they aren’t around, as well as college-age children living away from home that misses their kitty.



Cat Camera Collar



Uncle Milton – Pet’s Eye View Camera

The Uncle Milton Pet’s Eye View Camera (Buy Online) is a digital camera for cats that attaches to their collar. It automatically takes photos at intervals of 1, 5, or 15 minutes. Photos are stored in the internal memory which can store up to 40 photos at 640 x 480 resolution.

This cat camera collar is perfect for anyone who wants to capture their pets’ adventures without having them wear an uncomfortable heavy camera.

Uncle Milton Pet’s Eye View Camera solves all these problems by clipping onto your cat’s collar and taking photos automatically at intervals you set.

With this cat camera collar, you won’t have to worry about what your cat is up to all day. And best of all it’s easy to use, just clip it onto your pet’s collar and let them go play.



What Is The Best Cat Camera

What Is the best cat camera? There are many different cat cameras on the market today, but before you purchase one, it’s important to consider what both you and your cats need.

For example, if you want an easy setup that doesn’t require a complicated installation process, then a wireless camera would be best for you.

Plus, if you have cats that are all over the place then you’ll want something that has a wide-angle lens that automatically detects when there is movement in a room you’ll need a motion-sensing pan-tilt-zoom pet camera.

No matter what type of camera you’re looking for – whether it be wired or wireless – we’ll go over some helpful tips on what features to look for in the best pet camera for cats.


What are the different types of cat cameras?

Indoor Cat Cameras are usually wireless cameras that can be set up to keep an eye on your cat in any room of your house while you are away.

Outdoor Cat Cameras allow you to check outside and see what is going on with your pet from an app or website. These cameras are weatherproof and they allow you to keep an eye on your outdoor cats all night and day.

Cat Camera Toys are great when you are not able to play with your cat when you are away. You can still enjoy watching your cat chase and play with the toy from anywhere just as though they were still in the same room with you.


What features should my cat camera have?

A pan and tilt camera seems to be a reliable choice for most cat owners; these cameras are great for monitoring what’s going on at different spots in a room.

Night vision is necessary if you want to keep track of your cats in your house when the lights are off at night. It’s also a useful feature to have in an outdoor camera so you can see what’s going on at night when most cats are active and on the prowl

WiFi and App control is also a good feature to look for in a camera since it lets you access a video feed from anywhere, which means that you can just whip out your phone and check on your cat whenever you feel the need.

SD Card storage is also something to look for in a cat camera since it can cut down on unnecessary data usage. Some cat cameras even offer Cloud Storage which helps reduce the risk of inadvertent deletion of a video, but both options are better than cameras that only broadcast a live feed.



Cat Camera Benefits


Keep an eye on your cat when you’re not home

Cat cameras allow you to monitor your kitty’s every move and have peace of mind that they’re not getting into any trouble while you’re gone. Most importantly, cameras can detect problems that you wouldn’t normally notice when you are around your cat.


Monitor the health of your cat

Cat cameras let you monitor the health of your pet and observe them from a distance. If your cat has an accident or is feeling under the weather, it’s easier for you to notice these things sooner with a camera rather than waiting for the problem to finally crop up when you are home. A camera also lets you see what happened firsthand so you can better communicate any health issues with your veterinarian.


Watch how much your cat is eating and drinking

One of the key benefits of watching a cat with a camera is that you can monitor their eating habits and water intake throughout the day.

Based on what they are eating, adjust accordingly, especially if it seems like they are simply not caring for some meals anymore which is a sign that they may feel sick or are having digestive difficulties.

Likewise, you can also use a pet camera to make sure your cat is drinking enough fluids during the day. If they aren’t you can follow some of the tips in this article: How To Get a Cat To Drink More Water


Prevent behavior problems by watching for signs of boredom or stress

Cats don’t “tell us” when they’re having problems. You can use the pictures and videos from a camera to have a better idea of what their day-to-day life is like and know whether or not they seem happy, bored, or stressed.

If you don’t have a pet camera in your house it’s not always easy to know when your pets are feeling stressed or if they are being victimized by another cat.

But with a cat camera, you can know what might be bothering them from afar, which can help prevent behavior problems since they can be quickly addressed.




The Petcube Play 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera with Laser Toy is our top pick for the best pet camera for cats. Its sleek and modern design will fit nicely into any home, and it features a fun laser toy that your cat can chase around while you are away.

This device also works well if you have multiple pets who need some attention when they’re alone at home. Overall we recommend this pet camera due to its simple setup process, easy controls on mobile phone apps, and excellent customer service team.

The video quality on this camera is excellent too, which means you’ll be able to see every detail of what’s going on with your cat even on any size screen.

We hope these tips help guide your decision-making process about what pet cam would work best for your furry friend.

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